Where is the warehouse in Denerim?

Denerim Market District
The Market Warehouse is a warehouse located in the Denerim Market District, west of Wonders of Thedas.

Where is Riordan Dragon Age?

Riordan’s corpse can be found in front of the entrance of Fort Drakon. This section contains spoilers for: Dragon Age: Inquisition. For his heroism in subduing the archdemon and helping to end the Fifth Blight, a statue of Riordan now stands within Denerim’s market district.

How do I open the GREY warden vault?

In order to access the vault, locate the Grey Warden Documents in the Arl of Denerim’s Estate during the quest Rescue the Queen. They are found in a Chest of Documents in the last room before the dungeon. Immediately after is Riordan, a Grey Warden imprisoned by Howe.

Who should I help First Isabela or Aveline?

Acquisition. Enter the Hawke Estate at Hightown. If Isabela is present but you choose to help Aveline first, you immediately activate this quest – this will cause Isabela to leave permanently. If you don’t want to lose her, help Isabela first (the To Catch a Thief quest), after which this quest will continue.

Where is the GREY Warden cache in Denerim?

the Market Warehouse
Grey Warden Vault is a secret room in the Market Warehouse, located in the Denerim Market District next to the Wonders of Thedas shop. The entrance to the room is hidden behind the bookcase at the back, on the south side of the warehouse.

Where do you find the chantry board agent in Denerim?

Sergeant Kylon wants you to eliminate the criminals preying upon the innocent citizens of Denerim’s back alleys. There is one group of bandits in each of the alley districts, and you will take them each out as you progress through the city districts. When you have finished them, see the Chantry Board agent for your reward of 4 gold sovereigns.

Where do you find Denerim in Dragon Age Origins?

You will find him in a Dirty Hovel in the Rundown Back Street District. You will have to kill him, because he refuses to return with you and once he is dead be sure that you loot the Guild Supplies from his body. Go to the area marked on the map and see if there are any refugees left to rescue and rescue them.

Where do you get the conscription letter for Denerim?

Bring 20 Health Poultices to the Blackstone Irregulars in the Tavern in Market Square. The conscription letter for Denerim goes to Varel Baern, in the Denerim Alienage. Deliver it to him there. Go to the location marked on the map in the Brecellian Forest and fire off a fire arrow over the trees.

Where is the Grey Warden in market warehouse?

There is a hidden Grey Warden cache located behind the bookcase in the back room, on the south side of the warehouse. It is only available after rescuing Riordan and later questioning him at the Arl of Redcliffe’s Estate . Howe men while on the quest A Fistful of Silver :

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