Where is the Argent Dawn Quartermaster?

Eastern Plaguelands
Argent Quartermaster is a human found at Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands and at all capital cities….

Argent Quartermaster
Affiliation(s) Argent Dawn
Location Light’s Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands

Where do I turn in Argent Dawn rep?

Mantles of the Dawn

  • At Revered, turn in 10 Argent Dawn Valor Token to either Quartermaster in any Argent Dawn camp via Mantles of the Dawn.
  • At Exalted, turn in 25 Argent Dawn Valor Token to either Quartermaster in any Argent Dawn camp via Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn.

What gives Argent Dawn rep?

There are several forms of earning reputation with the Argent Dawn. Questing in the Plaguelands. Killing Undead mobs in the Eastern or Western Plaguelands. Completing repeatable Cauldron quests in the Western Plaguelands.

Who sells the Argent Dawn tabard?

Crusader Aliocha Segard
[Tabard of the Argent Dawn] sold by Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard in Icecrown? The subject of this article or section was part of the Scourge Invasion, a world event that heralded the opening of Naxxramas in patch 1.11 or for the opening of Northrend.

How do you get the Argent Dawn mount?

You must have earned ‘Champion’ of a quartermaster’s faction before you can purchase their mounts. Your reputation with a particular faction may decrease the gold cost of some mounts, but not the Champion’s Seal cost. You can find handy guides to the Argent Tournament at both Wowpedia and Wowhead.

How do you get the Argent Dawn tabard?

Can get it at the lighthope chapel in the Eastern Plagueland during the scourge invasion from a quest given by an argent dawn member’s. You will need to get 20 Necrotic Runes , you can get this run by hunting scourges.

Can you still get Argent Dawn rep?

You can get a title from being exalted with Argent Dawn and Argent Crusade in Wrath. But the Argent Dawn disappears when Wrath hits, so you better grind that rep now. The title is Argent Champion.

How much rep do Scholo bosses give?

Scholo has lots of bosses that are worth 25 rep, Ras Frostwhisper worth 50, and Healthy Dragon Scale (https://classic.wowhead.com/?item=13920) drops from the plagued hatchlings worth 50 on turn in. 3.

How do you get Argent Dawn Commission?

You need to be level 50 to get it. You get it from Argent Quartermaster Hasana in Bulwark. Bulwark is located near the entrance to Western Plaguelands from Tirisfal Glades.

Can I still get Argent Dawn Tabard?

The Tabard of the Argent Dawn is obtainable during the Naxxramas Scourge Invasion event only, which ended December 31, 2020. Customer Support can not start the quest now that the event is over, and will not provide the tabard.

Can you get Argent Dawn Tabard in TBC?

Can get it at the lighthope chapel in the Eastern Plagueland during the scourge invasion from a quest given by an argent dawn member’s.

Can you still get the Argent Crusade mounts?

Yes, you can. You will need to go to the Argent Tournament in Icecrown, Northrend and complete the daily quests there. As a heads up, it takes a fair bit of farming these quests to get the mounts.

What can you do with Argent Dawn reputation?

For players in WoW Classic, they serve as a neutral faction which, if you can raise your reputation high enough, will offer a variety of rewards, including powerful shoulder enchants. In this guide, we will go over all the ways in which you can obtain Argent Dawn reputation, what the best way to get to Exalted is, and what rewards are on offer. 1.

Who are the members of the Argent Dawn?

While they share the same goals as the Crusade, the Argent Dawn has opened its ranks to not only other Alliance races besides Humans, but also members of the Horde and even some of the Forsaken. They caution discretion and introspection, and put a lot of emphasis on researching the Scourge and how to combat them.

Where do you get the Argent Dawn Commission?

You can get stronger versions of the Argent Dawn Commission trinket after completing the Stratholme quest The Active Agent: Seal of the Dawn or Rune of the Dawn. Both trinkets provide useful bonuses against Undead mobs while still allowing for the retrieval of Scourgestones when equipped.

What do you do with Argent Dawn Valor tokens?

Other than this, the tokens have no other use. Scourgestones and the Argent Dawn Valor Token s, much like questing, give reputation all the way to Exalted. This means it is highly recommended to save all your Scougestones until you reach Revered, and then use them. 2.2.1.

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