What kind of shingle is GAF?

reinforced asphalt
GAF shingles are made with fiberglass-mesh reinforced asphalt, offering three to five layers of protection, depending on the product line. With superior wind and impact resistance, GAF’s ArmorShield shingles are UL 2218 Class 4 rated, with further improved capabilities when supported by the lifetime roofing system.

What are GAF Timberline HD shingles made of?

For GAF Timberline shingles, this material is fiberglass. This double layer creates a dimensional appearance, making the shingle look more robust and creating a more interesting looking roof. Timberline shingles build on their ultra-dimensional foundation by simulating the look of natural wood shake.

How much does a GAF roof cost?

GAF Roofing Shingles Average Costs GAF Timberline roofing shingles cost around $3 to $5 per square foot installed ($6,000 to $10,000). GAF Designer shingles cost roughly $4 to $6 per square foot installed ($8,000 to $12,000).

Are GAF shingles better than IKO?

IKO vs. Weight: GAF shingles are leaner and lighter but just as resilient than IKO shingles. Warranties: GAF offers 50-year limited warranties on all their architectural shingles and a 25-year warranty for their 3-tab shingles.

Are there different grades of asphalt shingles?

There are three primary types of asphalt shingles used for the roof on a house: 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles. 3-tab shingles — also referred to as three-tab shingles.

What does GAF stand for shingles?

The GAF acronym stands for General Aniline & Film. The company has historically been primarily focused on manufacturing of roofing materials for residential and commercial applications.

Are GAF Timberline shingles good?

Wind resistance is very good: GAF Timberline and other dimensional/architectural shingles show good resistance to tearing in high winds. Enhanced installation including additional fasteners and a complete GAF Lifetime system boosts wind rating from 110MPH to 130MPH with good results.

What are the advantages of using asphalt shingles?

They are lightweight

  • They offer longevity and excellent weather resistance
  • Come with long warranties
  • They offer stellar extreme weather performance
  • They are environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • How do you install asphalt shingles?

    How to Install Asphalt Roof Shingles Step 1: Removing the Old Roofing Shingle Step 2: Take Measurements Step 3: Apply Waterproof Membrane Step 4: Installing Edge Flashing Step 5: Place the Starter Strip Step 6: Installing the Shingles Tips and Warnings

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