What is Bobo Betc BOTU?

STUDY. bobo. bigger on bottom y=0. betc.

How do you find the horizontal asymptote in Bobo?

The way I like to remember the horizontal asymptotes (HAs) is: BOBO BOTN EATS DC (Bigger On Bottom, asymptote is 0, Bigger On Top, No asymptote, Exponents Are The Same, Divide Coefficients). Note that there can be multiple vertical asymptotes, but only one EBA (HA or slant/oblique) asymptote.

What does BOTU mean in math?

I thought I had heard every silly mnemonic device for remembering mathematical formulas, but I recently heard a new one: the clowns BOBO, BOTU, and BETC for remembering how to graph rational functions. BOB0: bigger (exponent) on bottom, BOTU: bigger on top, undefined.

What does eats DC stand for?

The meaning of DC abbreviation is `Del Campo` in Food.

What is the oblique asymptote?

Oblique asymptotes only occur when the numerator of f(x) has a degree that is one higher than the degree of the denominator. When you have this situation, simply divide the numerator by the denominator, using polynomial long division or synthetic division. The quotient (set equal to y) will be the oblique asymptote.

Which asymptotes are determined by looking at the denominator?

The vertical asymptotes of a rational function may be found by examining the factors of the denominator that are not common to the factors in the numerator. Vertical asymptotes occur at the zeros of such factors.

What is BOTU?

Acronym. Definition. BOTU. Board of Trade Unit (electrical energy measurement)

What do we call Bottu in English?

: an ornamental or sectarian mark (such as a dot on the forehead)

How do you find multiple horizontal asymptotes?

In other words, if y = k is a horizontal asymptote for the function y = f(x), then the values (y-coordinates) of f(x) get closer and closer to k as you trace the curve to the right (x→ ∞) or to the left (x→ -∞). For example, the graph shown below has two horizontal asymptotes, y = 2 (as x→ -∞), and y = -3 (as x→ ∞).

What is short for DC?

Also, the United States Postal Service’s official two-letter abbreviation for “District of Columbia” is “DC”.


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