What episode is the CPR episode on The Office?

Stress Relief
Stress Relief (The Office)

“Stress Relief”
The Office episodes
Episode nos. Season 5 Episodes 14/15
Directed by Jeffrey Blitz
Written by Paul Lieberstein

What episode does Michael say I am Beyonce always?

The Chump
Season 6, Episode 25: “The Chump” Michael’s response to this logic remains one of the most flawless comebacks of all time: “I am Beyoncé, always.”

What episode is the office meme from?

Frame Toby
“Frame Toby” is the ninth episode of the fifth season of the television series The Office, and the show’s eighty-first episode overall.

What is the most popular Office episode?

38) Season 1, Episode 3: Health Care.

  • 37) Season 7, Episode 17: Threat Level Midnight.
  • 36) Season 4, Episode 7-8: Money.
  • 35) Season 2, Episode 13: The Secret.
  • 34) Season 2, Episode 2: Sexual Harassment.
  • 33) Season 2, Episode 5: Halloween.
  • 32) Season 5, Episode 19: Golden Ticket.
  • 31) Season 3, Episode 8: The Merger.
  • Does Pam return to Dunder Mifflin?

    Episode 23 But when Michael learns that his discounted rates will leave his company bankrupt in mere weeks, he jumps at the chance for a buyout from Dunder-Mifflin, and he, Pam and Ryan all return to the company, with Pam now working as a salesperson.

    Does Pam really like House?

    At the point in the show at which Jim decides to buy Pam a house — “Frame Toby,” early in Season 5 — the couple has been together for a while, and they’re engaged. Pam loves it, and all the viewers who are watching, horrified, as this extremely unwise decision plays out, can breathe a sigh of relief.

    What is the least popular episode of the office?

    Get The Girl
    Get The Girl has the lowest rating of any episode of The Office ever on IMDb.

    What did Michael Scott say about Beyonce in the office?

    I love this one so much not just because I adore both Michael Scott and Beyoncé, but also because it’s a reference to the singer’s highly unappreciated film, Obsessed, where she’s convinced her husband is cheating with Ali Larter and becomes super badass in the process.

    What was the best episode of the office?

    The Office episode where Dwight starts a fire to force everyone to practice the fire drill is one of the best in the series and it gave us one of the most hilarious memes that it is still frequently used by many people.

    What happens in the Chump episode of the office?

    Michael is surprisingly cheerful after learning some bad news about Donna. The new parents, Pam and Jim, have trouble staying awake in the office. Meanwhile, Angela takes matters into her own hands when Dwight refuses to honor their contract. — NBC Publicity Pam reads the two flavors of ice cream that Erin bought for Michael.

    What did Andy say about obsessed on the office?

    Many people are in the middle of rewatching the show before it leaves. At one point, Andy and Michael are having a conversation about the movie Obsessed that starred Ali Larter and Beyoncé. Andy is trying to make a point about cheating and how the person getting cheated on is the hero.

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