Sports betting is working through a transitional period following a change to the laws. Officials in the White House moved to lift the blanket ban on online sports betting, throwing the gates open for the biggest names in the industry. The world’s leading online sportsbooks and casino apps were alerted to the possibility of taking advantage of this clean slate, and, as you can imagine, they weren’t slow in reacting. Online gambling is now legal in many, but not all, states.

New Jersey was the quickest to act, joining Las Vegas in permitting residents and visitors to place legally binding wagers on the outcome of professional sports fixtures, including the NFL and NBA. Dozens of other states followed suit, eager to welcome major bookmakers to their area but taxing them heavily for the privilege. Some states remain against legalising betting and choose to stick to what they know. Then there are the states that are yet undecided.

Ohio is a prime example of a region happy to take up position on the fence. Governors and officials want to test the water, following the progress of states like New Jersey and the impact of permitting betting. They want to see the pros and cons, including the extra income from taxing bookmakers and any dangers associated with problem gambling.

The latest reports suggest it is only a matter of time before Ohio jumps on the bandwagon and lifts the ban on betting. That change could come as early as 2023, with the coming months set to be critical. Are you in favour of betting inside Ohio state lines? If so, it pays to be prepared.

This article explains three basic steps to getting ready for the change. Find out how to create an account and get a free bet, the types of markets you should be aware of and how to remain secure when gambling online.

Register for a free bet

Before placing a bet on a sporting event, you must be registered with a legal and licensed bookmaker in your region. If you are gambling in Ohio, of course, this means you must wait until the ban on online gambling has been lifted. Do your research and choose a sportsbook with everything you need to get started. Generous odds, a wide range of sports, excellent customer services and a welcome bonus.

The most successful bookies offer new customers a sign-up bonus designed to entice them to join while ignoring the competition. These types of deals come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most popular are free bets. An example of a welcome bonus may be – bet $10 and get a $30 free bet to use on sports.

Sports and markets

The more sports to bet on, the better. You want all angles covered here. From the most popular, including football, soccer, and basketball, to the more niche options like esports, volleyball and squash. You can stick to your favourites or mix and match your bets for the best results.

In addition to a large number of sports to gamble on, you want to see even more markets. Each sports tab should have competition betting – such as the winner of the Super Bowl – and upcoming fixtures. You want Moneyline, spreads, totals, and others. The more ways to bet on a fixture, the more ways to make a profit.

Staying safe

Regardless of the bookmaker you are betting with and the sport you are gambling on, it’s crucial that you stay safe online. There are a few ways in which you can protect yourself when gambling. Firstly, you should ensure online betting is legal in your state or the area you are visiting, and you are over the legal age to bet. Remember, that age may change from state to state or country to country, so always plan ahead.

Secondly, you should only gamble with a licensed and regulated bookie. You should look for details of their gambling license, and this shouldn’t be too difficult to find unless an app is trying to hide something, of course. Most established betting apps display their licensing info at the bottom of the homepage, but you can always contact customer services if you have any queries.


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