Is Thilakan dead?

Deceased (1935–2012)
Thilakan/Living or Deceased

What was Thilakan issue with Amma?

In 2018, during the discussions over reinstating Dileep in AMMA after being jailed for 85 days for his alleged involvement in the actress assault case, Shammi and family, who were constantly fighting with AMMA for justice spoke openly about the unfairness Thilakan had gone through and how he had felt deeply humiliated …

Was Thilakan married?

Leela Thilakanm. ?–2012
Shanta Thilakan

Which is the first Malayalam movie of Thilakan?

Thilakan began his career in cinema with a role in the P. J. Antony -directed Malayalam movie Periyar (1973). He then worked in Gandharvakshetram and Ulkadal (1979). His first role as a lead character was as Kallu Varkey, a drunkard in Kolangal (1981). Thilakan was awarded his first Kerala State Film Awards in 1982 for his role in Yavanika .

Who is Thilakan and what is his name?

Thilakan is an Indian film actor, who mainly works in Malayalam cinema and Theatre. His original name is Surendranatha Thilakan. He started his career as a theatre artist and ventured into full-time acting in theatre, after leaving intermediate college mid-way in the year 1956.

What was the name of Thilakan’s drama troupe?

During this period he and several friends formed a drama troupe called the Mundakayam Nataka Samithy in Mundakayam, where his father was working as an estate supervisor. He worked with the Kerala People’s Arts Club till 1966, followed by stints in Kalidasa Kala Kendra, Changanacherry Geetha, and P. J. Antony ‘s troupe.

What are the names of Santha Thilakan’s children?

Thilakan and Santha had three children: sons Shaji Thilakan, Shammi Thilakan and Shobi Thilakan. Later, he had a second partner, his co-artist Sarojam with whom he had a son, Shibu Thilakan, and two daughters Dr. Sonia Thilakan and Sophia Ajith.

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