Is the River Cafe worth it?

The River Cafe is easily the best of the restaurants with a view in terms of food. If you just want an excellent meal, there are other places to go that are either less expensive, or just as expensive but with better food. If you want a view, I would go to the ESB or Top of the Rock, not to dinner.

Did Jamie Oliver work at the River Cafe?

While serving as a sous-chef at the River Café, he was noticed by Patricia Llewellyn of Optomen; and in 1999 the BBC aired his television show The Naked Chef. This was followed by a first cook book, which became a No. 1 UK bestseller.

Who has worked at the River Cafe?

Tom Shingler talks to Sian Wyn Owen, Joseph Trivelli and Danny Bohan – the three co-head chefs that have made The River Cafe their home – to find out why they can’t imagine working anywhere else.

When did the River Cafe open?

“I want to open when it is safe.” She decided to stay in London after meeting her husband, architect Richard Rogers, in 1969, and founded the River Cafe with Rose Gray in 1987. Jamie Oliver and many other chefs cut their teeth here, and actor Steve Martin says it has the best Italian food in the world.

What should I wear to the River Cafe?

Proper attire in the Dining Room is necessary. Jackets are required for gentlemen at dinner, as are collared shirts. Ties are preferred and casual footwear like sandals for gentlemen are not permitted.

Is Ruth Rogers still alive?

Ruth Rogers, Baroness Rogers of Riverside, CBE (born 7 July 1948) is an American-born British chef who owns and runs the Michelin starred Italian restaurant The River Café in Hammersmith, London.

Who owns the River Cafe Hammersmith?

owner Ruth Rogers
As the River Cafe celebrates 30 years at the forefront of London’s food scene, we talk to owner Ruth Rogers about running one of the city’s most iconic restaurants.

Who started River Cafe London?

Ruth Rogers
Rose Gray
The River Café/Founders

What is a cafe?

café, also spelled cafe, small eating and drinking establishment, historically a coffeehouse, usually featuring a limited menu; originally these establishments served only coffee. The English term café, borrowed from the French, derives ultimately from the Turkish kahve, meaning coffee.

What should I wear to the River Cafe London?

Smart casual will be fine. No need for jacket and tie – but if you have them, wear them. Make it an occasion.

Where is the River Cafe in London located?

The River Café. The River Café is a restaurant in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London, specialising in Italian cuisine.

When did the River Cafe open in Hammersmith?

Before the River Café plopped itself down in Hammersmith in 1987, the UK thought antipasti was a movement against pastries, and that anything rocket related was NASA’s business. The River Café changed that by serving the kind of Italian food we take for granted these days. Fresh tagliatelle.

Where is Sam’s Riverside in Hammersmith, London?

Situated adjacent to Riverside Studios in Hammersmith and overlooking the Thames, close to Hammersmith Bridge with one of the best river views in London We are thrilled to be able to tell you about our upcoming wine evenings at the restaurant.

How long is a booking at the River Cafe?

The River Cafe website uses cookies to ensure your safety and to help us improve your experience. Learn more This opens in a new window. Bookings of 1-2 are for 1 hour 45 minutes. Bookings of 3-4 are for 2 hours. Bookings of 5-6 are for 2 hours 15 minutes.

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