Is the Kona process 153 a trail bike?

The Process 153 is an all-mountain bruiser made to handle free-ride lines or laps around your local trails. The bike requires a good effort to get up the trails, but rewards riders with a bombproof feel on the way back down.

How heavy is the Kona process 153?

All in, this year’s bike is a hair lighter than its predecessor, with the size large tipping the scale at just over 14kg. Not bad for such an aggressively built bike.

Do Kona bikes run large?

You’re supposed to be on a large at your size. If you dont like the large, the kona might not be for you. They designed it as a long bike, going small kinda defeats the reason to buy that bike. You can anyway, but its something to consider.

What type of bike is a Kona process 153?

Carbon up front, aluminum in the rear and decked out to the nines, the Process 153 CR/DL 29 is a top-of-the-line bike.

What size Kona should I get?

Kona recommends a minimum standover height of 29 inches for the 17-inch frame and a minimum of 29.75 inches for the 18-inch frame. Ride on a 19-inch frame if you have a minimum standover height of 30.5 inches. The 20-inch frame is appropriate if your standover height is a minimum of 31.25 inches.

What size Kona bike do I need?


Height/Inches Height/Metric Inseam/Inches
5’0″-5’3″ 152-160 cm 26″-29″
5’2″-5’7″ 157-170 cm 27″-30″
5’6″-5’10” 168-178 cm 29″-31″
5’9″-6’0″ 175-183 cm 30″-33″

Are Kona Hardtails good?

We’ll say it: This $999 bike is more than the sum of its parts. Takeaway: A capably versatile bike for an impressive price. WTB Trail Boss tires bite into dirt to keep you planted.

How much is Kona bike worth?

Kona offers other choices in its road line like the Zing Supreme ($2200 for carbon frame and 105 components) and the Honky Tonk (about $1000 for a cromoly frame and FSA specs) Kona’s four ‘cross models range from the Major Jake ($3500 with carbon frame and Ultegra components) to the entry level Jake ($1150 for a …

What’s the price of a Kona process 153?

Dealer prices and fees may vary. The Process 153 27.5 is synonymous with dependability. It’s a great option for someone who wants an aggressive bike but may not want a 29” wheel. An updated frame and rocker provide more progressive geometry and all-new tubing.

What’s the difference between process 153 and 134?

The Process 153s get a bit of love and revamped geometry and tubing that is a hybrid of the Process X and Process 134 making them lighter and more streamlined. For those hungry for the ultimate trail bike, the Process 134 lineup features seven bikes that ensure the perfect build exists for everyone.

What kind of wheels do Kona process enduro bikes have?

Five years removed from that first Process launch and we have the latest version of their enduro bike in for the Pinkbike Field Test, this time in carbon fiber (alloy chainstays) and with 29″ wheels.

When did the process Kona bike come out?

Seven years ago, we introduced the Process to the world. It was a head-turner from day one with its aggressive geometry, pedaling efficiency, and ability to chew up descents like a mini downhill bike.

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