Is Matt Hunter mexican?

Matthew Alexander Hunter Correa (born February 20, 1998), better known as Matt Hunter, is an American singer, songwriter and voice actor of Colombian-Italian descent.

Where is Matt Hunter’s parents from?

Hunter, of Colombian and Italian descent, grew up in a multi-cultural home. Mom, Dr. Louisa Correa Hunter, a dentist, keeps her four kids rooted in the culture with plenty of Latin music and food. Mom and son speak to each other in Spanish.

What happened to Matt Hunter on General Hospital?

He is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late mistress, Donna Hunter….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Matt Hunter
First appearance June 26, 2008
Last appearance June 11, 2012
Cause/reason Went to prison for killing Lisa Niles

Does Matt Hunter have a girlfriend?

He has a younger sister named Aleigh and a younger brother named Ethan. He has been in a relationship with social media star Britney Vargas.

How old is Britney Vargas?

Britney Vargas was born on May 22, 2000 (age 21) in Dominican Republic.

What character did Jason Cook play on General Hospital?

Matt Hunter
Jason John Cook (born September 13, 1980) is an American actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer best known for the soap opera television roles of Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives from 1999 to 2006, Matt Hunter on General Hospital from 2008 to 2012, and most recently the writer, director, and …

Who was Lisa Niles on General Hospital?

Julie Mond
Lisa Niles is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital. The character first appeared in November 2009 portrayed by actress, Julie Mond.

How old is Jason Cook?

40 years (September 13, 1980)
Jason Cook/Age

Who killed Lisa on GH?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Lisa Niles
Died October 25, 2011 Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Bludgeoned with a wrench by Matt
Occupation Orthopedic surgeon
Julie Mond as Dr. Lisa Niles

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