How do you size a keyway?

Metric keyways are dimensioned by width and depth as measured from the radius of the shaft to the center of the keyway.

How long should a shaft key be?

The key length should be less than about 1.5 times the shaft diameter to ensure a good load distribution over the entire key length when the shaft becomes twisted when loaded in torsion.

What is the standard keyway for a 5’8 shaft?

Key Depth Tolerance is +. 010/-/000 for all standard keyways….Standard Keyway Dimensions.

Bore Width Depth
9/16 1/8 0.618
5/8 3/16 0.704
11/16 3/16 0.768
3/4 3/16 0.832

What is a key way shaft?

A keyway is a recess in a shaft or hub to receive a key, and these recesses are commonly cut on key-seating machines or by broaching, milling, planning, shaping and slotting.

What is the purpose of a shaft key?

A key is a piece of metal used to connect a rotating machine element to the shaft. A key prevents a relative rotation between the two parts, and may enable torque transmission to occur.

What is the standard keyway for a 1 Shaft?

Imperial – Rectangular B.S. 46 : PART 1 : 1958

Nominal Shaft Diam Dimensions (Inches)
1 1 1/4 0.314 0.312
1 1/4 1 1/2 0.377 0.375
1 1/2 1 3/4 0.440 0.438
1 3/4 2 0.502 0.500

What are key sizes?

Key size. In cryptography, key size or key length is the size (measured in bits or bytes) of the key used in a cryptographic algorithm (such as a cipher). Typical key sizes in modern symmetric ciphers are 128, 192, and 256 bits. Older symmetric ciphers used only 40, 56, or 64 bits, which can be broken by brute force.

What does a shaft key do?

A shaft key always requires a key seat both on the shaft as well as on the mechanical element. A typical key along with the key seat in both the shaft and the mechanical transmission element is shown below. The key is a small element whose shape tends to vary based on its type. It is basically used for transmitting rotary motion and torque .

What is a keyed shaft?

Keyed Shafts on A keyed shaft is used in power transmission applications to secure the rotation a pulley or gear hub to that of the shaft and as a safety mechanism in which the key will shear to prevent further damage to the hub or shaft.

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