How do you exit search help in SAP?

How To Create Search Help Exit

  1. In se11 create a search help ‘ZSEARCH_EXIT’, with AUFNR and AUFTYP of table AUFK.
  2. Set ‘Dialogue with value restriction’ in Dialogue type.
  3. In search help exit tab mention the name of the search help exit FM to be created in se37.
  4. Fill in the LPOS and SPOS column.

What is use of search help exit in SAP?

Search Help Exit is a function module with some predefined changing and tables parameter which is used to modify/filter the F4 values selected by Elementary or collective search help from the DB table. Step1. These are the below records present in the SPFLI table.

What is search help exit?

A search help exit is a function module that has a predefined interface. A search help exit is called at certain times by the help processor. The administrative data of the help processor is passed to the search help exit using the interface.

How do I create a search help in SAP technical?

  1. In the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary, select object class Search help, enter the name of the search help and choose.
  2. Select Elementary search help and choose .
  3. Enter an explanatory text in the field Short text.
  4. In the Definition tab page enter the selection method of the search help.

How do I change the standard search help in SAP?

When there is a custom requirement for the search help , this colelctive search help could be enhanced in such a way without modifying the existing one usign append search helps. Go to transaction SE11 and in search help provide the collective search help which has to be enhanced and choose display.

Where is search help for a field in SAP?

How to Find a Search Help behind any SAP Field in SAP?

  1. Go to VA03.
  2. Now put a Debug by entering /H in Command Bar.
  3. Now put the Debug point on Function Module DD_SHLP_CALL_FROM_DYNP and Execute.
  4. Debugger stops on the Function Module and we double click on HELP_INFOS Variable.
  5. Here is the Search Help VMVA.

What layer does ABAP lie on?

Developed by SAP®, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a programming language built for developing applications used on SAP® R/3 system, and executing within the SAP Web Application Server – at application layer.

What is search help exit in SAP ABAP?

Search Help Exit is a function module which contains predefined changing and tables parameter you can be modified/filter the F4 values selected by Elementary or collective search help using Search help exit function module from the DataBase table.

How to manipulate search help using search help exit?

This search help will be used when we create purchase requistion. and this search help will be attached with field AFNAM ( Requisitioner ) so user can select data from this search help. 1.Go to SE37 and copy function module F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE to ZFM_AFNAM_SHLP_EXIT. and below is the ABAP source code.

When to use search help exit for the material?

Search help exits are used to restrict the standard search help returned values according to users’ requirement. Scenario: When User1 require only Material type as Finished goods and User2 require only Material type as Raw material, for this scenario we can use search help exit. Go to SE11, select the search help radio button.

How to control data of search help using SAP?

The selected line must be * the only record left in RECORD_TAB. The corresponding fields of * this line are entered into the screen. * F4UT_PARAMETER_RESULTS_PUT may be very helpful in this step. IF callcontrol-step = ‘DISP’. * CHANGING SHLP CALLCONTROL. EXIT. ENDIF. ENDFUNCTION.

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