How do you beat level 17 on Portal 2?

Fire a portal on the wall on the ground level near the button. Place the second portal on the end of the Hard Light Bridge. Put the other portal on the wall next to the Beam receptacle. Pick up the Weighted Storage Cube and go through the portal.

How many tests are there in Portal 2?

19 test chambers
GLaDOS’ testing track is the testing course featured in Portal, and partially revisited during the course of Portal 2’s intro in the single-player campaign. Consisting of 19 test chambers, it was first used by Chell as part of her mandatory testing.

What is a test chamber in Portal 2?

Test Chambers are a vital part of the Portal series and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. In Portal 2, these chambers can be swiftly created by GLaDOS with the usage of robotic arms carrying panels and combining them with other panels to form a ceiling, floor, and walls.

What is the robot’s name in Portal 2?

ATLAS and P-body are the player characters in the co-op campaign of Portal 2. They are two robots that cannot speak and can only produce grunts, which are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Where are the portals in test chamber 17?

First make a portal at the end of the light bridge and another portal that you can walk into. Walk along the bridge to reach the cube. There is a portal directly behind you that you just came out of. You want that portal to stay there. Notice that on this same wall, there is another white spot that can take portals.

Where do you put the portal in Portal 2?

Put a portal on the far wall where there is a platform and some glass. Then put a portal of the other color that you can walk into. Go through to reach the far platform. There is a small button here. When you press it, two laser cubes fall from the two chutes and land on catapults. However, they both fall into the toxic sludge and are destroyed.

Where do you put the cube in Portal 2?

Take the cube and go through the portal behind you. Put the cube on the light bridge such that it’s blocking the laser and is directly above the big red button. Jump down to the floor and stand on the moving platform near the exit door. Now create a portal of the color that the light bridge is coming out of.

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