Gentlease vs Similac sensitive- which is better?

Every parents ‘worst nightmare is a fussy baby. This is a matter of serious health concern for the baby and the worrying can cause sleepless nights for parents. Well, not every day calls for a paediatricians visit if you put your baby on the right baby formula. Two top brands Gentlease vs Similac sensitive fight to get the leading spot in the race of keeping your baby healthy.

Why use a baby formula?

There are several reasons to consider buying a baby formula but what leads the talk is about getting correct nutrients and keeping the baby fuss-free.

Before the baby formula age, people used to prefer getting Cow’s milk but that only leads to agitating in the developing GI tract. A constant case of reflux causes lots of gas in the baby’s system. These issues can be resolved using the correct baby formula.

With several in the market, it is important to know what you should look for in the baby formula. While comparing the several we found Gentlease and Similac the two popular, trust-worthy choices.

Gentlease vs Similac sensitive the major differences:

Both the formulas work with babies however, there are minor to some major differences between the ones. Reading the following you might just be able to make the best choice for the well-being of your baby.


Similac sensitive is lactose-free while Enfamil Gentlease works on lactose using gentle proteins. It adds as a pro in the Similac sensitive list as the chances of the baby being lactose intolerant are possible. Corn syrup is lactose replacement which is a major energy source in Similac sensitive formula.

With small lactose amounts the chances of spit-up, pain and gas build-up is extremely high. So, any formula containing lactose can be a painful experience for your baby.


Enfamil Gentlease contains proteins broken in such a manner that they help to simplify the digestion process. With a baby being protein intolerant it remains the best to grab hands on Enfamil Gentlease. Also, the taste of the baby formula is similar to mother’s milk.

Similac sensitive on the other hand doesn’t really have the finely broken proteins.


Both the products do well in the field of their consistency. However, one is thicker while the other one has a normal consistency.

In Similac Sensitive baby formula follows a thicker consistency while Enfamil doesn’t have it. We suggest giving small bites than regular if using Similac Sensitivity for the baby to easily swallow it.


We suggest looking at the quality and features of the product instead of looking at their price tags. After all, the baby deserves the best of health and care.

But in the war of Gentlease vs Similac Sensitive in the price section, Enfamil Gentlease puts a bit of less pressure on the pocket. It is possible to buy the product irrespective of the budget status.


Similac has OptiGRO

It contains Lutein (which stimulates the eye and brain development). DHA helps in Neurological development. Several other baby formulas make use of DHA however; the lacking is the sole use of DHA.

It is proven that if DHA is used alone it can lead to the illness being prone to oxidation. But with the addition of Vitamin E (anti-oxidant) as in Similac, sensitive only health beneficial effects come out.

Enfamil Gentlease has NeuroPro.

This is a combination of DHA and MFGM. The MFGM is a bioactive membrane. It is found in breast milk and most famous for causing neural structural development. In addition, Enfamil contains good bacteria for a healthy immune system.

There are two product versions of Enfamil one is gentlease other is Premium. In the latter one, Inositol is present instead of MFGM.

Similac sensitive

  • Lactose-free
  • Contains corn syrup
  • A bit price
  • OptiGRO = Lutein + Vitamin E+ DHA

Enfamil Gentlease

  • Similar taste as that of mother milk
  • Contains Lactose
  • For protein intolerant babies
  • Affordable in comparison
  • NeuroPro= MFGM + DHA

Final thoughts:

Both the baby formulas are excellent in the work. While we select on a single one it only gets tougher. Similac Sensitive comes from a background of lots of experience working for the past several years while the Enfamil is another popular baby formula face in the race.

We recommend you make your smart purchase taking into account the needs of your baby. Only if the baby is lactose tolerant Enfamil makes it worth trying. It has additional benefits in form of MFGM.

Similac Sensitive remains a better choice in lactose intolerant babies while the Enfamil Gentlease is the one suitable for protein intolerant babies. Both of the products in general have nutrients filled in the formula which helps the baby to have all the required ones for better development.

Between Gentlease vs Similac sensitive, it is the parents only who can decide the winner. However, we strongly recommend checking with the paediatrician before switching the baby formula.

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