Does Nottingham Forest Own the City Ground?

The club have negotiated an extended longer lease with Nottingham City Council, who own the City Ground. This has given the Club the security to further invest in the ground and surrounding area, details of which have been announced today.

When did forest move to the City Ground?

3 September 1898
Nottingham Forest moved to The City Ground on 3 September 1898. Situated only a few hundred yards from the old Town Ground at the opposite end of Trent Bridge, it was named in celebration of Nottingham’s newly-awarded city status.

When was City Ground built?

The Nottingham Forest Football Club/Years built

How old is the City Ground?

123c. 1898
The Nottingham Forest Football Club/Age

How much does Nottingham Forest cost?

Prices for each game are: 2021/22 season ticket holders: Adults £12, senior citizens £10, under 18s £5, under 7s £1. Non season ticket holders: Adults £14, senior citizens £12, under 18s £5, under 7s £1.

Where do Man U play?

Manchester, United Kingdom
Stretford, United Kingdom
Manchester United F.C./Locations

Who designed the Nottingham Forest badge?

David Lewis
The three crowns depict the city’s loyalty to the Royal crown. Forest’s current badge was created in 1973 and designed by David Lewis, a graphic artist. A Sherwood tree emerges from wavy lines, representing the river Trent. One may wonder what Nottingham Forest’s next innovative move will be.

How do I get Nottingham Forest season tickets?

Supporters can purchase their season cards online, in person, or by calling us on 0115 982 4388. The club encourages supporters to purchase via the Online Ticket Office. This is the fastest and most convenient method to view availability and secure the seat you want.

Where is the City Ground at Nottingham Forest?

Below is a seating plan of Nottingham Forest’s The City Ground: Nottingham Forest’s ground is comprised of the following four sections: The Brian Clough Stand (North), The Bridgford Stand (East), The Main Stand (South) and The Trent End (West).

What kind of stadium is Nottingham Forest Stadium?

It is partly a classical ‘English Style’ stadium and partly a ‘Bowl Style’ ground, with the bowl shape linking The Brian Clough Stand to The Main Stand. Here’s a description of each section: The Brian Clough Stand – Named after the club’s most famous manager, this stand was built in 1980 and cost £2 million.

When did Nottingham Forest City Ground catch fire?

Stands were built over the years, of course, and in 1968 The Main Stand caught fire during a game between Forest and Leeds United. Although much of the club’s memorabilia was destroyed not one person from the 31,126 capacity crowd was injured. The City Ground is slightly unusual compared to most grounds built at the turn of the last century.

Which is the closest pub to Nottingham Forest Stadium?

More details . Nottingham is a student city, so there are loads of brilliant pubs and clubs around to inspire your pre-match drinking and eating needs. Here are some of the best choices: The Meadow Club is the closest ‘away friendly’ pub to the stadium and is located right next door to Meadow Lane stadium.

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