Does Joey fall in love with Rachel?

In “The One Where Joey Tells Rachel”, he confesses his love for her, but she politely and lovingly turns him down. After some tension, the situation fades, but Joey’s feelings remain.

Was Joey and Rachel supposed to be together?

Friends co-creator David Crane has revealed that Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) were never intended to end up together – with Rachel always going to end up with Ross (David Schwimmer) – who she notably had an on-and-off relationship with throughout the series.

What episode does Joey and Rachel get together?

The One Where Joey Tells Rachel
Joey confesses to Rachel (“The One Where Joey Tells Rachel,” season 8, episode 16) The romantic pairing of Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was one of Friends’ most controversial plotlines, but there were some who got behind the relationship.

In which episode Joey tells Rachel he loves her?

Joey tells Rachel that he is in love with her. “The One Where Joey Tells Rachel” is the sixteenth episode of the eighth season of Friends, which aired on February 28, 2002.

Does Rachel marry Joey?

In the tenth and final season of Friends, Rachel gets offered a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris. But Rachel walks in and says, “I got off the plane.” They kiss and tell each other, “This is it,” hinting that they’ll finally get married (which eventually happens on the Friends spinoff, Joey).

Did the friends cast hated Joey Rachel relationship?

Friends fans hated Joey and Rachel’s romantic relationship, but the show creator’s loved it. Even though you love someone, that’s not who you’re going to be with.” It turns out the plan was always to have Joey and Rachel’s relationship fail, and to have the latter end up with Ross like the viewer’s always wanted.

Why was Joey in love with Rachel on friends?

His love was so true that it was one of the very few references to Friends in the spin-off Joey. In a scene from the show, Joey told his sister about Rachel and how she was the only person he had ever been in love with. At least the writers acknowledged that Rachel and Joey couldn’t be together because they were too good as best friends.

What did Jennifer Aniston say about Joey and Rachel?

Aniston admitted Rachel and Joey were only great as friends and not in a romantic way. There was significant talk about this coupling on Twitter but it seems to have faded away after Aniston’s own tweets regarding the matter. We wish it had never begun in the first place as the relationship is one best left forgotten.

How did Ross and Rachel get engaged on friends?

While Rachel is in labor, Judy Geller shows up with a ring and tries to persuade Ross into proposing. Joey accidentally finds Ross’s ring and Rachel mistakes it as a proposal from Joey, and says OK. When Ross learns of Joey and Rachel’s mistaken engagement, he becomes extremely angered.

Who was Rachel’s last boyfriend before Ross and Emma?

19 Joey was Rachel’s last Boyfriend Before Ross Once you think about it you’ll realize Rachel didn’t anyone other than Joey in the three years between her pregnancy and finally settling with Ross. Having Emma meant Rachel never had any time to pursue romantic relationships, that is until Joey and her relationship formed.

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