Can you set preferences on Tinder?

In the Tinder app, head into the Settings menu so you can choose your preferences. Within here you can choose your gender, your proximity to potential matches, and your preferred age range.

How do preferences work on Tinder?

Tinder adjusts potential matches a user sees every time someone acts on his or her profile, it says. The company reorders this user’s possible match profiles within 24 hours of actions being taken.

Can you preference religion on Tinder?

Tinder to Now Let Users Filter Matches Based on Religion, Politics, and Hobbies.

Why is Tinder distance wrong?

If only some of your potential matches are far away, there are a few reasons why this might be: Passport – They may be using the Passport feature to check out potential matches in your current location. Only Tinder subscribers can change their location. …

How can you see both genders on Tinder?

More Genders is also easy to update. Just edit your profile, and under “I Am” tap “More” and search for the gender you want to select.

Why is Tinder ignoring my preferences?

If this started out of the blue, double-check that your search preferences are set to your liking. If everything looks good there, try logging out and logging back in to Tinder.

Can you fake distance on Tinder?

If you have an Android device, you can install a free app and turn on the Developer Mode to fake GPS for Tinder. Find “simulated locations” or “allow mock locations” option and switch it on for the fake GPS app you have installed.

How do I adjust my search preferences on Tinder?

To adjust who you see and swipe on Tinder, edit your Discovery Settings. Just tap the profile icon > Settings > scroll to Discovery Settings. Tinder offers filters based on location, distance, age and gender identity.

What do you mean by Discovery preferences on Tinder?

Discovery Preferences is where you manage your settings on who you see on Tinder. This is where you set certain parameters to filter people you might like. Toggle “Discovery” on. The first option is Discovery.

How to change your age range on Tinder?

How to change age range in Tinder 1 Open your Tinder profile 2 Tap on the profile icon (top left corner) 3 Tap the “settings” icon 4 Scroll to the “age range” slider (default: 18 – 100 years) 5 Adjust the slider to the age range you desire.

Can you change the distance you can swipe on Tinder?

Tinder allows you to swipe on other users up to 100 miles from your current location. Adjust your distance preferences at any time, to widen or narrow your scope of recommendations. Tinder welcomes everyone. Discovery settings now show users who include more info about their gender identity and sexual orientation.

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