Are there any shows about Elizabeth I?

The Virgin Queen is a 2005 BBC and Power co-production, four-part miniseries based upon the life of Queen Elizabeth I, starring Anne-Marie Duff and Tom Hardy as Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester.

Is there a show about Queen Elizabeth the First?

Starz has ordered a new television series about the younger years of Queen Elizabeth I. The eight-part drama, titled Becoming Elizabeth, is created by playwright and TV screenwriter Anya Reiss.

Are there any movies about Queen Elizabeth 1?

3 Two-Part Miniseries: Elizabeth I (2005) Helen Mirren portrays the iconic monarch, Queen Elizabeth, in the 2005 two-apart miniseries. Alongside Helen Mirren as the Queen, Jeremy Irons plays the Duke of Essex, Hugh Dancy is Earl of Leicester.

Why is Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth R?

For starters, the “R” isn’t related to a last name, if that’s what you’re wondering. It actually stands for “regina,” which in Latin means “queen.” A king would always sign his name followed by the letter “R” — but in that case, it would stand for “rex.”

Who played Queen Elizabeth 1 the best?

Awards and nominations

Award Category Recipient(s)
Empire Awards Best Actress Cate Blanchett
Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture – Drama Elizabeth
Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama Cate Blanchett
Best Director – Motion Picture Shekhar Kapur

Whats the difference between Elizabeth and Elizabeth the Golden Age?

Elizabeth: The Golden Age takes place almost thirty years after Elizabeth, charting the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots and the Spanish Armada, focusing on Elizabeth’s relationship with Sir Walter Raleigh all the while somehow managing to be even less historically accurate than the first film.

Who was the actress who played Elizabeth I?

The early years of the reign of Elizabeth I of England and her difficult task of learning what is necessary to be a monarch. Docu-drama starring Lily Cole as a young Elizabeth I, featuring dramatic reconstructions of key moments in her life. Presented by historians Suzannah Lipscomb and Dan Jones.

How long is the Elizabeth I TV series?

Elizabeth I is a fascinating subject; this docu-drama barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Her life just can’t be documented in this 3 hour time allotment. If you want to see the best to date drama, watch the 1971 version with Glenda Jackson. It ran over 7 hours, and included so much more of Elizabeth’s life.

What was the reign of Elizabeth I like?

From teenage princess to accomplished queen, torn between duty and personal longing, the reign of Elizabeth I is exposed in this lavish drama filmed against a backdrop of some of Great Britain’s most beautiful houses and landscapes. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Is the Elizabeth I Virgin Queen on PBS?

“Elizabeth I – The Virgin Queen” is a TV miniseries from 2005 that was originally produced for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), and shown in the United States as part of the PBS “Masterpiece Theater” series. It is, in every way, an outstanding program.

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