Who wrote Promise Me Beverley Craven?

Beverley Craven
Promise Me/Composers

What year was Beverley Craven Promise Me?

Promise Me/Released

Who is Beverley Cravens father?

“Our styles are quite different – for one thing, I’m mainly guitar-based whereas Mum is more piano-based. I will be performing under my real name Connie Campsie.” She is using the surname of her father, Colin Campsie, a lyricist, who divorced Craven in 2011 after they grew apart.

Where is Beverley Craven from?

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Beverley Craven/Place of birth

I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where my dad worked, in 1963.

Who sang the promise?

When In Rome
The Promise/Artists

How old is Beverley Craven?

58 years (July 28, 1963)
Beverley Craven/Age

How old is Beverley Craven now?

Who is Campsie mum?

Beverley Craven (born 28 July 1963) is a British singer-songwriter best known for her 1991 UK hit single “Promise Me”. Her most recent album, Change of Heart, was released in 2014. She has sold over four million records in her career.

Where does Beverley Craven live?

The couple have three daughters, Mollie, Brenna and Constance (Connie), and initially lived in Kilburn, North-West London, before moving to Buckinghamshire in a family home that Craven bought with the royalties from her single “Promise Me”.

What song did Sturgill Simpson cover?

Fifty years after John Prine first recorded “Paradise” for his self-titled debut album, Sturgill Simpson lends his distinctive voice to Prine’s personal tale of a Kentucky town decimated by strip mining. Simpson’s rendition is set to appear on the upcoming Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows Vol.

Who was Beverley Craven married to?

Colin Campsiem. 1994–2011
Beverley Craven/Spouse

What happened to Beverly Craven?

In 2018, Craven was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and lymph node surgery followed by chemotherapy treatment, resulting in an interruption in her Woman to Woman tour, which was resumed in 2019 after her health improved.

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