Who was McMaster in Tombstone?

McMaster has been portrayed in almost every film about the Earps. He was most notably portrayed by actor Michael Rooker in the 1993 film Tombstone, in which he is called “McMasters.” In that film, he is portrayed as being killed by the Cowboys during the Vendetta, although that is historically inaccurate.

Did Doc Holliday really shot Johnny Ringo?

Ringo was found dead with a bullet wound to his temple. Modern writers have advanced various theories attributing his death to Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Frank Leslie, and Michael O’Rourke….

Johnny Ringo
Occupation Outlaw
Years active 1875–1882

What is Wyatt Earp best known for?

Wyatt Earp, in full Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, (born March 19, 1848, Monmouth, Illinois, U.S.—died January 13, 1929, Los Angeles, California), legendary frontiersman of the American West, who was an itinerant saloonkeeper, gambler, lawman, gunslinger, and confidence man but was perhaps best known for his involvement in …

How was McMasters killed?

Following the two week revenge ride of the Earps, McMasters left Arizona with Wyatt and disappeared from history. Later, Will McLaury, in a letter written to his father, stated that McMasters had been killed in a shootout with the Cowboy faction in 1884.

What color was Doc Holliday?

Doc, like most of his male Holliday cousins, stood nearly 6 feet tall. Doc was fair-haired, a platinum blond so said Virgil’s wife, Allie, upon meeting him for the first time, not dark-haired as most surviving and probably doctored photos show. Wyatt described him as “long, lean and ash blond.”

Who was Sherman McMaster in the Earp Vendetta Ride?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sherman McMaster (1853 – 1892) was an outlaw turned lawman, who was one of the six men involved in the Earp vendetta ride . Sherman W. McMaster was born in 1853 in Rock Island, Illinois, the son of Sylvester W. McMaster.

What did John McMasters do for a living?

Born in 1853 in Illinois, McMasters headed west where he gained a reputation as a gunfighter. He was in Dodge City, Kansas at the same time as were Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, where he made friends with the pair. There, he also reportedly killed a man in self-defense after a gambling dispute in a saloon.

Who are the members of the Earp group?

Led by Curly Bill Brocius, others of the “cowboy” faction included Pony Deal, Johnny Barnes, Frank Patterson, Milt Hicks, Bill Hicks, Bill Johnson, Ed Lyle, Johnny Lyle, and by some accounts, “Dirty Dave” Rudabaugh. Inevitably, a shoot-out ensued, but the Earps were heavily outnumbered and began to retreat.

Who was Sherman McMasters and what did he do?

Sherman W. McMasters was an outlaw, Texas Ranger, and lawman best-known for his participation in the Earp Vendetta Ride. Born in 1853 in Illinois, McMasters headed west where he gained a reputation as a gunfighter.

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