Who is the chairman and CEO of Avangard innovative?

Thank you to Heather Clancy, editorial director at GreenBiz Group, for the interview with Rick Perez, our chairman and CEO at Avangard Innovative, during Circularity 20, which took place August 25-27. Rick and Heather talk about how Avangard Innovative is working to scale post-consumer resin recycling.

Who is the CEO of Avangard recycling program?

CEO and Founder, Rick Perez, gives insight on how being an immigrant from Mexico shaped his way of thinking resourcefully.

Is the Avangard a nuclear or conventional weapon?

It can deliver both nuclear and conventional payloads. The Avangard is one of the six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018.

How big is the warhead of the Avangard missile?

The Avangard has a range of over 6,000 km, weighs approximately 2,000 kg, and can carry a nuclear or conventional payload. 7 One TASS report said that the Avangard’s nuclear warhead is “more than 2 megatons in TNT equivalent.” 8 As a boost-glide weapon, the Avangard is carried to its apogee by a ballistic missile.

How does Avangard innovative help you manage your waste?

This video explains how Avangard Innovative uses the power of data visualization to help you measure, manage and monetize your recycling and waste processes. Avangard Innovative will help you lower your waste costs and maximize your revenues from optimizing recyclables.

Where was Avangard innovative invited to speak at?

Avangard Innovative invited to speak at the fifth annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Sustainability and Circular Economy Summit in Washington, D.C.

Who is the CEO of recycling company Avangard?

By buying, tracking, converting, and ultimately selling the trash, the “Steve Jobs or Elon Musk of recycling”, Rick Perez CEO generated a multi million-dollar industry in hopes to “leave this world a better place” and “ to leave a little bit of a better legacy for my children and grandchildren.”

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