Which is the Linux driver for Realtek 8187l chipset?

This is the oficial driver of Realtek 8187L chipset, with some modifications and upgrades to work fine in > 3.80 Linux kernel. Tested on Ubuntu 13.04 (Linux kernel 3.8.0-31) with usb card ALFA Networks AWUS036H, used for daily use (navigation, downloads…) and test security of wireless networks with some utils (e.g aircrack-ng)

How to run Realtek 802.11ac USB driver in Linux?

In case that repository URL changes in the future, spin up a Kali VM or even a Docker container, and run Your miles may vary on distros other than Kali, which is specifically tweaked for pentesting. Posted in Technical . ← MediaTek 802.11ac USB Wi-Fi Linux…

How to install Realtek driver on Raspberry Pi?

EFI variables are not supported on this system — not using UEFI, Secure Boot disabled For those who are running Kali Linux ARM Image on Raspberry Pi, the driver should be installed already. For x86 users, install package realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms.

Is the Alfa awus036h based on Realtek chipset?

The ALFA AWUS036H adapter is based on the Realtek RTL8187 chipset. The drivers should be built into Ubuntu, but you may want to try installing the latest from Realtek:

How to install the new version of the rtl8187 driver?

How to install the new version of the RTL8187 driver on Ubuntu 13.04? Well, Ubuntu has made me feel very welcome in the Linux world, opening its arms with serious problems. I guess I wouldn’t say I am new, but I haven’t used Ubuntu for almost 5 years now.

How to install Realtek Linux RTL WiFi driver?

Try loading all the ieee80211* modules first from the ieee80211 directory in the order specified by the INSTALL or README files in the source tree. The install wiki seems to be working fine. I had no problem looking it up. http://rtl-wifi.sourceforge.net/wiki/Installing is the URL.

Is You Sure you use rtl8187b based adapter?

You should use the one from from Johnny Cuervo’s page. Futher more since id of your card is OBDA:8187 there is no need to use modified version of driver (modified is for thous which id is OBDA:8197). Are you sure you use rtl8187B based adapter?

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