Which is the best dictionary for Scottish Gaelic?

• Am Faclair Beag: Scottish Gaelic-English dictionary (with phonetics) & Dwelly’s dictionary • Foclóir Gàidhlig-Gaeilge [PDF] Scottish- Irish Gaelic dictionary, by Kevin Scannell (2016)

Are there any good Gaelic dictionaries out there?

There are online dictionaries, some legit and some not really. Amazon lists a confusing array of new and used books for sale, and the real Gaelic bookstores may not pop up in your search at all. No dictionary is perfect, but there are good and bad Gaelic dictionaries out there.

Which is better Watson or Mark Gaelic Dictionary?

The main drawback is that Mark is only a unidirectional dictionary, while Watson is bi-directional. As Sutherland notes above, and indeed as the title indicates, Mark only contains entries for Gaelic-English. In other words, you can look up a Gaelic word to find the English equivalent, but not vice versa.

What is the etymology of the Gaelic language?

• The Gaelic etymology of the languages of Western Europe and more especially of the English and Lowland Scotch and of their slang, cant, and colloquial dialects, by Charles Mackay (1877) many etymologies are fanciful!

What is the meaning of the word smooth?

1. of surface, texture 2. of action 3. of journey, vehicle 4. continuous 5. DRINK, FOOD pleasant to drink 6. with no problems 7. relaxed, confident 8. persuasive, smarmy 9.

When did Lachlan MacBean translate Gaelic into English?

• The songs and hymns of the Scottish Highlands with translations and music, and an introduction, by Lachlan Macbean (1888) • The sacred songs of the Gael, a collection of Gaelic hymns & translation into English, by Lachlan Macbean (1890): I & II

What are the names of plants in Gaelic?

• Gaelic names of plants (Scottish, Irish and Manx) with notes on their etymology, their uses, plant superstitions… by John Cameron (1900) • Scottish Gaelic speech and writing, register variation in an endangered language, by William Lamb (2008)

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