Which Cinnamon Whiskey is the best?

The 10 Best Cinnamon Whiskey Brands

  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire.
  • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.
  • Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey.
  • Hellboy Hellwater Cinnamon Whiskey.
  • Evan Williams Fire.
  • Jim Beam Kentucky Fire.
  • Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey.
  • Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey.

What is the best bird dog whiskey flavor?

The Bird Dog family’s newest member has already begun to make its mark, and the industry is watching. Bird Dog Peanut Butter was awarded two World Whiskies Awards- “Best Flavoured Whiskey” and “Category Winner” for 2021.

What is the fireball slogan?

The slogan for Fireball Whisky is, “Tastes Like Heaven, Burns Like Hell,” which is cheesy, and not even half true.

What is the best flavored whiskey?

Here are the best flavored whiskeys.

  • Best Overall: Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Best Spicy: George Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish Whisky.
  • Best Peanut Butter: Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.
  • Best Cinnamon: Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Fire Whiskey.
  • Best Vanilla: Crown Royal Canadian Vanilla Whisky.

Is bird dog a bourbon?

Kentucky Straight Bourbons | Premium & Fancy Bourbon | Bird Dog Whiskey. We craft our award-winning Kentucky bourbon, using the traditional process, with extreme care for quality and consistency. Our bourbon is barrel-aged in small batches – the way bourbon is supposed to be.

Are there 2 types of fireball?

Fireball Cinnamon malt-based is 33 proof (16.5% alcohol by volume) and Fireball Cinnamon wine-based is 42 proof (21% alcohol by volume). Fireball Cinnamon contains less alcohol than our 66 proof Fireball Whisky.

Can you drink fireball straight?

Straight Shot To keep things simple, throw back a shot of Fireball by itself. Its smooth flavor delivers a subtle kick with a sweet aftertaste, making it easily drinkable. Shot glasses optional.

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