Where do the tendons run in your index finger?

The tendons on the palm side bend the fingers. These are known as the flexor tendons. When you bend or straighten your finger, the flexor tendons slide through snug tunnels, called tendon sheaths, that keep the tendons in place next to the bones. Tendon sheaths keep the tendons in place.

Is there a tendon in the index finger?

Extensor indicis proprius (EIP) tendon The EIP tendon straightens the index finger. It works with the extensor digitorum communis to the index finger. It has its own muscle belly in the forearm and then, as it becomes a tendon, it travels through a tough band, or retinaculum, in the wrist.

How do you know if you tore a ligament in your finger?

When a ligament supporting a finger joint is injured pain is felt in the finger….Other symptoms may include:

  1. reduced range of movement.
  2. stiffness.
  3. weakness.
  4. deformity.
  5. biomechanical problems.

How do you treat tendonitis in the index finger?

Finger tendonitis treatment

  1. Rest your injured finger. Try to avoid using it.
  2. Tape your injured finger to the healthy one next to it.
  3. Apply ice or heat to help with the pain.
  4. Stretch and move it once the initial pain lessens.
  5. Take over-the-counter medication to help with pain.

How do you treat a torn tendon in your finger?

Take Care of Your Fingers Following a tendon injury, rest your hand and wear a bandage to compress your painful fingers. Apply ice and elevate your hand above your heart as much as possible to reduce pain and swelling. Then, seek professional medical attention to make sure you get complete, proper care for your injury.

How to assess the extensor tendon in the wrist?

Position the patient with the forearm in pronation and the hand relaxed on the table surface. Assesses extensor tendon integrity at the DIP joint. Isolate the tendon by holding the involved finger at the middle phalanx. Begin with the D.I.P. joint relaxed in flexion. Instruct the patient to extend the D.I.P. joint.

How to diagnose tendon and ligament injury in the finger?

A basic understanding of the complex anatomy of the finger and of common tendon and ligament injury mechanisms can help physicians properly diagnose and treat finger injuries. Evaluation includes a general musculoskeletal examination as well as radiography (oblique, anteroposterior, and true lateral views).

How is the flexor digitorum superficialis tendon function tested?

Assesses flexor digitorum superficialis tendon function. To isolate the involved tendon, hold the patient’s fingers in extension, except for the one being tested. Then have the patient flex the involved finger at the P.I.P. joint. If the patient can actively flex the P.I.P. joint, the tendon is intact. If not, the tendon may be cut or ruptured

What is the clinical appearance of an index finger injury?

(OBQ16.245) A patient sustains an acute, closed injury to his index finger. The clinical appearance of the finger is shown in Figure A. The patient is asked to extend the finger against resistance, with the PIP joint in 90 degrees of flexion.

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