What supplies do you need to make a shaker card?


  1. Clear acetate or embossable window plastic.
  2. Glitter confetti -OR-
  3. Heart confetti.
  4. One (1) sheet of glitter cardstock.
  5. Three (3) sheets of 65-80 lb. pink and red cardstock (or whatever colors you want)
  6. One (1) contrasting color of 65-80 lb.
  7. One (1) sheet of 65-80 lb.
  8. Foam mounting tape.

What is a shaker card?

Shaker Card – a card with a window and items – usually sequins – inside the window that make you want to shake the card; thus, a shaker card!

Can you use glitter in a shaker card?

You’ve probably seen these fancy cards in stores — the ones with a little clear window full of sequins, beads or glitter bits that dance around when you give the card a shake. If you’ve ever wondered “could I make that myself?” the answer is most definitely yes! Stamping Jill – How To Make A Shaker Card, EASY!

Can you make 3D cards with a Cricut?

Take your card making skills to the next level by crafting gorgeous 3D layered greetings cards with your Cricut machine. One of the first SVGs I ever designed was this layered “Thank You” card. Even to this day, it’s one of the most downloaded SVGs on my whole blog!

What liquid is in Shaker charms?

Sophie & Toffee Clear Shaker Oil is for you to use with your shaker molds, charms and snow globes! These are upgraded food grade oil which is meant for crafting with shakers.

What’s the best way to make a shaker card?

Instructions 1. Cut Out the Front Cut a piece of card stock to match the size of your blank card. Then cut out the window on the card stock with an X-Acto knife. If you want the card to have a cut-out saying (like the “hi” shown here) make this with your X-Acto knife as well. (It’s also totally fine to keep it simple.)

Where to put foam tape on Shaker cards?

Place the foam tape strips along the inner frame edges. This tape will sit on top of the transparency piece sitting on the frame edge as well. Only adhere one side for now; leave the protective lining of the tape facing the side that will attach to the card backing intact. Don’t stick the foam tape too close to the inner edge, or it’ll show.

How do you make a card out of paper?

Stick a design paper triangle ( same size as the plastic sheet ) on the white card using adhesive tape. Add the paper butterflies and circles on the card. Add adhesive foam squares on the window and than stick it on the card. Step 8: Final Touches.

How do you attach a transparency piece to a card?

Use a straight edge and a craft knife to guide the cutting neatly. Remove the center piece from the cardstock. Attach the frame to the transparency piece. Run a line of double-stick tape close to the inner edges of the frame. Adhere the transparency piece to the frame piece.

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