What should be in a COSS briefing?

A safety briefing will include:

  • where you will work and what you will do.
  • how you will get to the work site.
  • what hazards there are.
  • what the site limits are.
  • the speed limit and direction of the lines and whether they are open or blocked.
  • how you will communicate in an emergency and who to contact.

What is a COSS briefing?

The COSS/SWL briefing. A COSS briefing. If you’re walking in a group of two or more people on or near the line, you must be accompanied by a controller of site safety, known as a COSS. Their role is to make sure that nobody is put in danger from electrification equipment or from trains.

How do you do a safety briefing?

9 Ways to Give an Effective Safety Briefing

  1. Grab the crew’s attention.
  2. Review the scope of work for the day.
  3. Ask for previous experiences in the project’s specific type of labor.
  4. Consider new and different safe techniques to execute the job.
  5. Allow time for coaching and mentoring before starting new work.

When should you be given a safety briefing?

Safety briefings are usually held daily, on site, prior to the start of a job, shift or access to the site. To be effective such briefings should be brief; mindful that an attendee’s concentration is likely to dip after the 30-minute mark.

What makes a good COSS?

All COSS must be willing and able to learn and retain information and apply it in the work environment. This is not simply about demonstrating ambition and a desire to be promoted, it is about the drive to maintain and develop one’s own skills, recognising that there are always opportunities for improvement.

How much does a COSS earn?

The average coss salary in the United Kingdom is £32,175 per year or £16.50 per hour. Entry level positions start at £28,275 per year while most experienced workers make up to £37,489 per year.

Can a COSS work?

Only a person with a valid Sentinel Card endorsed IWA or COSS can work alone on or near the line. If your Sentinel Card only shows COSS with a red triangle you must not work alone. You must keep at least 2m from any line open to train movements.

What should be included in a toolbox talk?

What should be covered in a toolbox talk? Anything related to health and safety that is important to your company and will help your employees recognize potential hazards in the workplace. A crew might have toolbox talks on caught-in hazards, fire safety, cold weather safety or how to use power tools correctly.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a COSS?

A controller of site safety or COSS is a person qualified by the British company Network Rail to ensure safe practice for work occurring on or near rail infrastructure. Their primary role is to set up a safe system of work to protect staff from trains and trains from staff and activities.

When does a COSS need to be appointed?

3The role of the COSS A COSS must be appointed if two or more people need to – go on a line go within 3 metres (10 feet) of a line, on the railway side of any permanent fence or structure, or carry out engineering or technical work on a platform, within 1.25 metres (4 feet) of its edge. For the purposes of this handbook, youare the COSS.

Which is the best definition of a briefing?

Definition of ‘briefing’. briefing. A briefing is a meeting at which information or instructions are given to people, especially before they do something. They’re holding a press briefing tomorrow. Security staff did not then receive any briefing before they started each shift.

Which is the Coss record of arrangements and Briefing Form?

COSS form This is known in the Rule Book as the ‘COSS Record of Arrangements and Briefing Form’ or RT9909. T12 form This is known in the Rule Book as the ‘Record of T12 Protection Arrangements (IWA/COSS’s form)’ or RT3179. T2 form This is known in the Rule Book as the ‘Record of Arrangements Form’ or RT3181. Uncontrolled When Printed 10

What does Coss stand for in the rule book?

Darkness or This term refers to darkness, bad weather such as poor visibility fog or falling snow, and inside or near a tunnel. COSS form This is known in the Rule Book as the ‘COSS Record of Arrangements and Briefing Form’ or RT9909.


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