What is the word count for AP seminar IRR?

The AP Seminar Course and Exam Description outlines word counts for three written components approximately 2,000 words for the Individual Research and Reflection; approximately 3,000 words for the Written Team Report; and approximately 2,000 words for the Individual Written Argument.

Is AP seminar difficult?

The exam is not difficult at all but it is more time intensive than most tests because it requires an essay written and presentation given throughout the year. The rest of the exam is basically a synthesis essay (if you have taken AP Lang it’ll be a walk in the park/likewise if you are a good writer).

Is AP seminar worth?

The AP Seminar and AP Research courses are beneficial for students planning to do undergraduate and graduate research and writing an undergraduate or graduate thesis, or even thinking about pursuing a PhD involving dissertation work.

Do Colleges look at AP seminar?

Similar to IB, since AP Capstone is only offered at a select few schools, colleges won’t be specifically looking for AP Capstone or favoring it, since not all students have access to it. Still, if you take Capstone, aspects of the program—especially the long research paper—will likely look desirable to most colleges.

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