What is the nickname for Cecilia?

Cecilia is a personal name originating in the name of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music….Cecilia.

Nickname(s) Celia, Ceci, Cece, Celie
Related names Celia, Sille

What is Candace’s middle name?

Candace Gertrude Flynn
Character information Candace Gertrude Flynn is the deuteragonist, as well as usually the anti-hero of the Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb.

What is kits middle name?

The 31-year-old’s full name is actually Christopher Catesby Harrington. Kit is short for Christopher, and came about because Harrington was named after 16th century playwright Christopher Marlowe, who also went by the shorter Kit.

Is Cecilia a pretty name?

Cecilia is a lovely name that is either sounded out in three or four syllables. Nicknames and pet forms include Sissy, Celia or CeCe.

What is CeCe short for?


meaning Short for Cecilia
origin Latin
popularity unusual
syllables 2
starts with C

Does Jeremy like Candace?

Background Information. In a Disney Channel promo advertising the series, Mitchel Musso, the voice of Jeremy, confirmed that Jeremy really does have feelings for Candace. Jeremy definitely likes Candace, but she doesn’t know that Jeremy likes her.

What is kit a nickname?

The name Kit is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means Nickname For Katherine Or Christopher.

Is Kit a boy or a girl?

Kit Origin and Meaning The name Kit is a boy’s name of English origin. Actor Kit Harington, aka the dreamy Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, has given this nickname-name new style and appeal for boys. Actress Jodie Foster used it for her son. For girls, it’s an updated diminutive of Katherine.


Where does the last name Cecilia come from?

Cecilia Origin and Meaning The name Cecilia is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “blind”. Cecilia is a feminine form of Cecil, which was derived from a Roman clan name related to the Latin caecus, meaning “blind.”

Which is the best spelling Cecilia or Cecily?

Cecilia, Celia and Cecily are all nameberry faves. Cecelia is an accepted spelling variation you may want to consider if you plan to shorten the name to Celia or Cece.

Where did the name Cecilia come from in The Hunger Games?

Cecilia is also a Dickens character name in Hard Times, and appears in the novels Atonement and The Virgin Suicides, and The Hunger Games series, as well as being the subject of a memorable Simon & Garfunkel song. Cecilia, Celia and Cecily are all nameberry faves.

Why was Saint Cecilia the patron saint of musicians?

Cecilia is a feminine form of Cecil, which was derived from a Roman clan name related to the Latin caecus, meaning “blind.” The martyred Saint Cecilia was designated the patron of musicians, either because she supposedly sang directly to God while the musicians played at her wedding, or because she sang to God as she was dying.

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