What is the Louisiana state record crappie?

6 lbs 0 oz
The State Crappie Record For Every State In America

State Weight Angler
Kentucky 4 lbs 14 oz Penny Hopper
Louisiana 6 lbs 0 oz N/A
Maine 3 lbs 9 oz Quinn Warren
Maryland 4 lbs 4 oz Sid Stollings

What is the biggest fish in Louisiana?

Blue Catfish
Louisiana’s New State-Record Blue Catfish. Big and blue on the Bayou: Mississippi River cat is biggest Blue ever caught in Pelican State waters. Keith Day can now lay claim to a distinction that most catfish anglers can only imagine: He’s the holder of a state record.

What state has the biggest bass record?

Georgia, home of George Perry’s famous world-record largemouth (22 pounds, 4 ounces), is the spiritual Mecca of the bassin’ world. It has to share some world-class waters, like Lake Eufala with Alabama, and Clark’s Hill with South Carolina.

What is the biggest white perch caught in Louisiana?

But the largest White Perch caught in Louisiana could probably eat one of those for breakfast. The state record was a huge 3.38″ fish, caught in the Grand Bayou Reservoir in April 2002.

What is the Louisiana state record alligator gar?

Before Thursday the largest alligator gar ever caught in Louisiana was a 179-pounder brought in by Jimmy L. Thompson in the Red River in May 1997. The world record for the species is 300 pounds.

What is the Louisiana state record bluegill?

The Record Bluegill Sunfish For Every State In America

State Weight Angler
Louisiana 1 lb 10 oz Mike Lamb
Maine 8 oz Liam Clayton
Maryland 3 lbs 7 oz Sarah Brenneman
Massachusetts 2 lbs 1 oz Heather Bulger

What state does not have bass?

News of this unusual catch spread quickly across the internet. There are no native bass species in Alaska. The nearest bass populations are over 1,000 miles away. So, how on earth did it get in Sand Lake?

How old is a 50 lb striped bass?

Striped Bass Length – Age – Weight Chart©

Length 12″ 17″
Length 45″ 50″
Age 15 18
Max lb 41.0 58.0
Avg lb 36.0 50.0

Where was the Louisiana State record spotted bass caught?

The Louisiana state record largemouth bass was caught from Caney Lake, and the LA state record spotted bass was taken from the Tickfaw River.

What’s the state record for largemouth bass in America?

We’ve compiled a list of the State Largemouth Bass Record from all 50 states to help serve as a reference on the quality of fish swimming in your home state. Some records date back to George S Perry’s world record bass in 1922 while others state records seem to be broken every year.

Where are the best bass fishing lakes in Louisiana?

Bass Fishing Lakes In Louisiana. Louisiana is covered with more places to catch bass than one can imagine. There are more ponds, small lakes, rivers, creek and backwaters and the cast majority contain bass. The most consistent stringers continue to come from the major lakes including Anacoco Lake, Atchafalaya Basin, Black Bayou Lake, Caddo Lake,…

What kind of fish are caught in Louisiana?

LOUISIANA STATE FISH RECORDS Species: CATFISH, BULLHEAD-YELLOW (Ameiurus Natalis) New Species 2019 Rank Weight Angler Where Caught Date Caught *1. Species: CATFISH, CHANNEL (Ictalurus punctatus) Species Separation 1994 Rank Weight Angler Where Caught Date Caught

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