What is Hyperion FDM?

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition (FDM) is an out-of-the-box data transformation tool that feeds source-level financial data to consolidation, reporting, planning, and analytical applications. Ensures the integrity and mapping consistency of source financial data.

What is Hyperion software used for?

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.

Is Hyperion and Oracle the same?

Many of its products were targeted at the business intelligence (BI) and business performance management markets, and as of 2013 were developed and sold as Oracle Hyperion products. Hyperion Solutions was formed from the merger of Hyperion Software (formerly IMRS) and Arbor Software in 1998.

Is Hyperion the same as Essbase?

Essbase began as a product of Arbor Software, which merged with Hyperion Software in 1998. Hyperion renamed many of its products in 2005, giving Essbase an official name of Hyperion System 9 BI+ Analytic Services, but the new name was largely ignored by practitioners.

Is Hyperion a premise?

Oracle isn’t giving up on-premises products yet and announced during Kscope17 that a new version would be coming out in 2019. Here’s what we know: The new version, 11.2, will include customer-driven enhancements.

What is the difference between Hyperion Essbase and planning?

Hyperion Essbase is more flexible than Hyperion Planning as it is a standalone OLAP engine and can be used for more than just planning purposes. While Essbase excels at financial calculations and analysis, it can benefit any business department that uses numeric data.

What is Hyperion DRM?

Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is an enterprise change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets despite endless changes necessary to support underlying transactional and analytical systems.

What is Hyperion Pillar?

Hyperion Pillar is a proven budgeting application that supports decentralized decision-making and the nomadic nature of managers during the budgeting process.

What language does Hyperion use?

The Oracle’s Hyperion® SQR® Production Reporting language is a specialized programming language for accessing, manipulating, and reporting enterprise data.

Is Hyperion owned by Oracle?

Oracle today announced that it has agreed to buy Hyperion Solutions Corporation (Nasdaq: HYSL), a leading global provider of performance management software solutions, through a cash tender offer for $52.00 per share, or approximately $3.3 billion.

Is Essbase outdated?

About Features that Are No Longer Supported or Deprecated Essbase introduces behavior changes in addition to new features. Deprecated—In the release in which a feature is deprecated, the feature is still fully functional (unless limitations are specified) and supported.

Is there a release 11.1.2 for Oracle Hyperion?

Release 11.1.2.x is the terminal release of this product; Oracle does not plan to release Oracle BI+ Interactive Reporting 12c. For additional information please see the Oracle Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting Statement of Direction. This product is now under Sustaining Support and is no longer eligible for correction.

Which is the latest release of Hyperion disclosure management?

This patch set is no longer eligible for error correction. This patch set is no longer eligible for error correction. • Release is the terminal release of Hyperion Disclosure Management; this product will not be included in Enterprise Performance Management System, release 11.2.

How to install and configure Oracle Hyperion financial close management?

1. In the folder to which you unzipped the utility, navigate to the rcuHome\\bin folder and run rcu.bat. 2. 3. On the Create Repository screen, select Create, and then click Next. 4. On the Database Connection Details screen, enter the database connection details, you wish to configure SOA.

Which is the latest release of Hyperion performance management architect?

• Release 11.1.2.x is the terminal release of this product. The terminal release of Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPM Architect) is EPM Architect will not be included in the next major release of Enterprise Performance Management System, release 11.2.

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