What does the word fielded mean?

verb. fielded; fielding; fields. Definition of field (Entry 3 of 6) transitive verb. 1a : to catch or pick up (something, such as a batted ball) and usually throw to a teammate Practice fielding ground balls as much as you can.

What type of word is fielded?

field verb (BALL) to catch or pick up the ball after it has been hit in a game such as cricket or baseball, and to try to prevent the other team from scoring: He fielded the ball well. Our team is fielding first.

What is the clampdown mean?

: the act or action of making regulations and restrictions more stringent a clampdown on charge accounts, bank loans, and other inflationary influences — Time. clamp down. verb. clamped down; clamping down; clamps down.

What is meant by the term’raised and fielded’?

What is meant by the term ‘raised and fielded?’ ‘Raised and fielded’ refers to a door style, be it for a bathroom, kitchen, study or bedroom, or even an internal or external door. This classical door design was made popular by the Georgians and Victorians and is often made as five piece door.

Why do people define love in different ways?

Because people define love differently, a common trap is for couples is to assume they are speaking about the same thing.

What is the meaning of the word love?

“Love” is a word we easily twist around to fit our own purposes. If we can learn to distinguish love from emotional dependence and put this distinction into practice, then we make life more beautiful not only for us, but for everyone we meet.

What do you mean by raised and fielded kitchen?

The centre panel slopes up from its outer profiled edges to give a ‘raised’ central section. This together with the outer frame gives rise to the term ‘raised and fielded.’ The classical mid-Victorian, raised and fielded kitchen is a design for which Broadway Kitchens have become renowned.

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