What does pearl symbolize in The Scarlet Letter essay?

Pearl as a person symbolizes the sins of both Hester and Dimmesdale. This child is the direct effect and results of the sin of adultery. She also represents the sin of lying. One has to notice the way; Hester and Dimmesdale keep on lying to the society about the affair that led to the birth of Pearl.

How is Pearl affected by the scarlet letter?

Pearl serves as a symbol of her mother’s shame and triumph. At one point the narrator describes Pearl as “the scarlet letter endowed with life.” Like the letter, Pearl is the public consequence of Hester’s very private sin. Yet also like the scarlet letter, Pearl becomes Hester’s source of strength.

Why does Pearl wash off Dimmesdale’s kiss?

Why does Pearl wash off Dimmesdale’s kiss? -It is in a way of Pearl keeping her pureness and innocence. Dimmesdale is a man of sin, and in Pearl’s eyes the kiss if accepted could be a transfer of sin.

Why does Hester dress pearl so nicely?

In fact, it is as if it was meant to match the red “A” that normally appears on Hester’s chest. Where Hester must hide because of her sin, Pearl must be celebrated for the Purity and sincerity of love. Hester is saying, not so subtly, that Pearl is her treasure despite whatever “sin” she might have committed.

Did Pearl die in The Scarlet Letter?

Left with no object for his malice, Chillingworth wastes away and dies within a year of the minister’s passing, leaving a sizable inheritance to Pearl. Then, shortly after Chillingworth’s death, Hester and Pearl disappear. In their absence, the story of the scarlet letter grows into a legend.

What happens when Pearl kisses Dimmesdale?

So, when Dimmesdale kisses Pearl, he truthfully acknowledges her as his daughter; therefore, Pearl kisses him in like recognition as she ceases to be a symbol of her parents’ adultery and becomes human, in acceptance and forgiveness of Dimmesdale, and in weeping human tears for the first time in the narrative.

Why did Hester Prynne cheat on her husband?

Hester Prynne was blamed for her adultery because the father of the child was protected.

How long is Hester Prynne in jail?

three hours

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