What crystals can I find in Illinois?

Illinois has a nice variety of different minerals and fossils that are popular for rockhounds and fossil hunters to search for. Fluorite, calcite, barite, galena, and many other crystal specimens are found in abundance in parts of southern Illinois.

What types of rocks are indigenous?

The most common types of igneous rocks are:

  • andesite.
  • basalt.
  • dacite.
  • dolerite (also called diabase)
  • gabbro.
  • diorite.
  • peridotite.
  • nepheline.

What is Illinois State Stone?

Fluorite: Illinois’ State Mineral.

What is the most common rock in Illinois?

Granite pebbles or boulders are the most common igneous rocks found in glacial deposits in Illinois.

Can you find obsidian in Illinois?

Obsidian artifacts sourced to the Bear Gulch chemical type were recovered from sites in the lower Illinois Valley, including two specimens from the Naples site with single occurrences at the Snyders, Knight, and Duncan Farm sites (Griffin et al.

How do you tell if it’s a rock or a crystal?

Many rocks have crystals embedded on their surfaces, within the rocks or are considered to be crystals. Crystals have flat surfaces which can be either large or small. Crystals with small flat surfaces are said to have “facets.” All crystals have a faceted surface, but not all crystals have multiple facets.

Is granite the hardest rock?

Granite is an igneous rock known for being very hard. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a metamorphic rock composed almost entirely of quartz, the hardest material on earth. Both granite and quartzite are very hard, but on the Mohs scale of hardness (from 1 to 10, with 10 being hardest) quartzite has the slight edge.

What kind of rocks are found in Illinois?

Beneath the cityscapes, open fields, hills, and valleys lie layered sedimentary rocks that, in some parts of the state, are exposed in outcrops, canyons, and river valleys. Boulders and gravel, brought in from the north by the glaciers thousands of years ago, are strewn across most of the state.

How do geologists find out about the state of Illinois?

Geologists gather some information about the state’s subsurface directly by looking at and taking samples from outcrops, quarries, and mines. But, for most of the state, geology is “seen” and understood mainly from descriptions (logs) and samples (cores) of the sediments and rocks penetrated during shallow and deep drilling.

Where are the most crystals found in Illinois?

Crystals are generally clear or light shades, but some brilliant crystals have also been found in Illinois. The southeastern region of Illinois has been known to have enormous fluorite rich deposits especially occurring in veins of limestone rock formations.

Which is the official state mineral of Illinois?

Fluorite is a mineral made from calcium fluoride and is considered as the official state mineral of Illinois. Fluorite can either occur as a transparent clear crystal or can occur in different colors such as dark purple, sea green, light blue and yellow owing to other elements present in the crystal in trace quantities.

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