What country code is 0120?

91 is the country code of India. 120 is the area code of Noida. If you are in India and not in Uttar Pradesh state you can call landlines by dialing 0120 before the landline number. 0120 is the STD code for Noida.

What is 11 digit STD Code?

11 – New Delhi, Delhi.

Which city STD code is 140?


S.NO STD Code Station Name
140 0487 TRICHUR
141 0431 TRICHY
143 0816 TUMKUR

What is Gujarat STD Code?

The STD code of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is 079.

State :
City :

What is STD code Punjab?


STD Code City State
01883 DASUA Punjab
01885 BALACHAUR Punjab
01886 TANDA URMAR Punjab

How do I stop 140 calls?

There are several ways in which you can block and report spam calls. Open the Messaging app on your phone. Create a new message and type START 0. Send it to 1909….Solution 2: Blocking numbers on your phone

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Locate the spam number.
  3. Press and hold the number and select “Block number”.

Is area code and PIN code same?

Postal Index Number, also known as PIN Code, is a system of postal codes that is native to India….

ZIP Code PIN Code
Also Known As Postal Code Postal Code
Number of Digits 5 Digits (also new 4 digits added for more precision) 6 Digits
Area United States India

Where can I find STD code 0120 in India?

For example STD code 0120 for India represents Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Subscriber trunk calling allows you to directly dial a long distance number or a number which is not of your city, without the help of an operator. You can find any STD code in India at stdcodein.com for free without any sign up procedures.

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What are the dangers associated with a tsunami?

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When does a tsunami become a shallow water wave?

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