The Digital Tools That New Businesses Need to Embrace

In the business world, digital is almost always better. You don’t take notes with a pen and pad of paper — you record them on your smartphone and type them out. You don’t fill a filing cabinet until it’s close to bursting with paper — you compile all your documents in online folders.

To make things more productive at the office, here are some more digital tools that you need in your toolbelt.

For Digital Marketing Analysis: AI-driven Prediction Platforms

No team member is going to want to fulfill the tedious chore of collecting data from various online forums and monitoring the weekly results, especially when they know it’s easy to make a simple error. Your office would be better off delegating this task to the lightweight enterprise software Morphio.

This website uses AI to zero in on the metrics that matter for your business and deliver insights that help you reach specific KPIs. It can track your official website’s audience, dividing them into useful categories like age, gender and location. That way, you can figure out whether you’re reaching your target customers or not. It can help you increase your SEO rankings so that you place higher than your biggest competitors. And it can immediately inform you whenever there is a positive or negative anomaly with your marketing campaign data.

A tool like Morphio will accurately compile the work so that your team members don’t have to.

For Keeping Track of Employee Productivity: Project Management Apps

Project management apps make it easier for managers to keep tabs on their team and delegate tasks. If you want to check in with how your staff members are getting on with their assigned workloads, you can open the app. That way, everyone can save time on meetings and stay on track with their goals.

The Asana app is an excellent project management tool because it’s clear, easy-to-use and visually compelling. Get it so that you can create detailed color-coordinated to-do lists that show updates on everything, whether it’s minor tasks to office-wide objectives. Any staff member can add to the lists and share their progress with their team members.

Other popular project management apps that you could use:

  • Trello
  • Todoist
  • Wunderlist

The Digital Tools That New Businesses Need to Embrace

For Immediate Office-wide Communication: Internal Communication Tools

Internal communication is vital in the office. One digital tool that is incredible for office-wide communication is Slack software — it allows instant messaging from multiple channels and threads. It’s much easier than going through hundreds of emails in a day, and it’s quieter than constant phone calls.

Other popular internal communication tools:

  • Workplace by Facebook
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • HipChat

The right applications can turn any hectic workplace into a more productive and organized environment. You could have a long, tedious task, like collecting digital marketing metrics completed by AI. You could share a streamlined to-do list with your entire team. You could even discuss project updates with coworkers immediately, without clogging up your email. All of this is possible, as long as you know what digital tools to embrace.

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