Is the PA bar exam hard?

That puts Pennsylvania near the top of the states with the highest pass rates. Whether or not that is the best way to gauge how difficult it is, it does seem to indicate that the Pennsylvania bar exam is not all that difficult as far as bar exams go.

How is the bar scored?

The MBE portion is graded by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Users are given scores based on a 400-point scale. The MEE and MPT scores are scaled so that they are worth half of an examinee’s overall score. Each jurisdiction determines what a passing score is in their jurisdiction.

How is the MPT scored?

All MPT jurisdictions use “relative grading”, which means scoring and ranking each MPT answer “relative” to other examinee answers in that jurisdiction. Under relative grading, each MPT question is graded on a numbered scale based on the quality of the answer. The grading scale varies per jurisdiction (e.g. 0-6, 1-10).

How many points is the MPT worth?

In a Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction, the MPT and MEE together are worth 200 points together. The MPT is worth 20% (or 80 of those points). The MEE is worth 30% (or 120 of those points). If the MPT is worth 80 points total, each MPT answer is worth 40 points out of the 400 potential points.

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