How was Acatenango formed?

Volcán Acatenango was constructed during three eruptive periods post-dating the roughly 84,000-year-old Los Chocoyos Ash from Atitlán caldera. The eruptive period of Yepocapa, the northern peak of Acatenango, ceased about 20,000 years ago. The eruption of the southern and highest cone, Pico Mayor began at that time.

When was the last time Acatenango erupted?

Acatenango/Last eruption

What volcanoes can you see from Acatenango?

Acatenango is one volcano with four distinct ecoregions and an unbeatable view of all western Guatemala. On a clear day you can see from its domineering peak the Pacific Ocean, the interiors of both El Salvador and Mexico, and SIX (if I remember correctly?) more volcanoes–including, of course, the mighty Volcán Fuego.

How active is Acatenango?

Acatenango is one of the highest volcanoes in Central America, almost 4000 meters high. It is an active volcano, but the last eruption was in 1972. Right next to the Acatenango, is the volcano Fuego, literally translated as the fire volcano. This one is a lot more active and spits every 20 minutes ash, rocks and lava.

What is the most active volcano in Guatemala?

Pacaya volcano
The 8,200-foot (2,500-meter) Pacaya volcano, one of the most active of the country’s 38 volcanoes, lies about 15 miles (25 km) south of the capital city of Guatemala City. After being dormant for over 70 years, Pacaya began erupting vigorously in 1961 and has been erupting frequently since then.

Where is the Acatenango volcano in Guatemala located?

/  14.55444°N 90.94389°W  / 14.55444; -90.94389 Acatenango is a municipality in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala. It is in this municipality that the Acatenango volcano is located. The town is in the valley of the Cocoyá River.

Which is the most active volcano in Guatemala?

Even though Volcano Acatenango is a calm sleeping colossus, its neighbor is one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala, Volcano de Fuego – Fire volcano -, making this trek a real adventure.

How tall is the highest peak of Acatenango?

Acatenango. Acatenango is a stratovolcano in Guatemala, close to the city of Antigua. The volcano has two peaks, Pico Mayor (Highest Peak) and Yepocapa (3,880 m) which is also known as Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters). Acatenango is joined with Volcán de Fuego and collectively the volcano complex is known as La Horqueta.

When did the city of Acatenango become a city?

When the State of Guatemala was created on 11 October 1825, after independence from Spain, Acatenango was established as town, and then was raised to a municipality of the Chimaltenango District by a decree from 12 September 1839. The 1974 Volcán de Fuego eruption partially destroyed San Pedro Yepocapa.

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