How to see Version Tree in ClearCase?

To open the ClearCase Version Tree, right-click a resource in a ClearCase view and then select Show Version Tree on the context menu. icon to fetch the missing versions and complete the version tree.

What is a version tree?

The version tree allows you to view the hierarchy of parent and child versions and how versions relate to one another. The tree view also helps you visualize which versions can be reconciled with one another, which can be deleted, and which child versions will be affected by a cascade delete.

Why Git is better than ClearCase?

Git and ClearCase have major differences in branching and merging. Git offers lightweight branching, which can be faster. ClearCase, on the other hand, offers more granular merging. Both Git and ClearCase have good merge algorithms.

What does a version control system do?

Version control, also known as source control, is the practice of tracking and managing changes to software code. Version control systems are software tools that help software teams manage changes to source code over time.

How do I start ClearQuest?

In order to start Rational ClearQuest Eclipse RCP client in an English user interface on non-English Operating System, you have to add the following lines in the file: clearquest. ini which is located on: For version 7.0 : :\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\rcp.

How do I create a query in ClearQuest?

Procedure. On the Rational ClearQuest Web toolbar, click New Query. On the Create New Query window, select a record type from the list. Only records of this record type are selected when the query runs.

How to use the ClearCase command in Python?

ClearCase Command Description ct -ver Display Clearcase, cleartool, db_server ct lsvob List vob mount table: * /vob/V ct dump element-or-DO Print internal Clearcase info. ct lsview List all views: millesc_view

How to remove labels from files in ClearCase?

Clearcase Client Commands: Label elements in directory tree. Apply label to a newer version of the file. Remove a label of the name given. The option “-rmall” causes the removal of all instances of the label on all files / directories.Remove label type and all occurrences of the label. Remove label from Clearcase.

Which is the command line interface for ClearCase Lt?

DESCRIPTION. cleartool is the primary command-line interface to ClearCase and ClearCase LT version-control and configuration management software. It has a rich set of subcommands that create, modify, and manage the information in VOBs and views.

How to create a ClearCase view in yolinux?

ClearCase Command Description ct mkview -tag tmpA_view Create a new view. ct setview user-name_view Set current view to user-name_view. ct startview common_view Set current view to common_view without ct endview common_view ct endv Deactivate a Clearcase view. (First exit

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