How to Compress 1GB file into 10MB

How to Compress 1GB file into 10MB using KGB Archiver: Hi this is Aryan in this article I’m going to tell you How to Compress 1GB file into 10MB using KGB Archiver and how it works.

Do you know about KGB Archiver, it is one of the best tools for compressing large files into small files. It can be used to compress even a 1GB file into 10MB, which is not possible. Using this tool you can save more space on your disks. This tool is recently found to save data and space.

While transferring large files like movies and Games it will take more time but this tool completely changes when we talk about large files. There is a Solution to solve this problem it can be used to compress data into any format like .zip Rar, and uploading them into online (for sharing). In this method whenever you want to share them you can easily download and extract your data.So now, you can fully do that using KGB Archiver tool. Follow this guide in this article and learn more about how to highly compress files using KGB Archiver to Compressor and upload them into online to save your data balance.

Sharing more files from one device to another device it can be tricky and it will take more time-consuming. Even if you are using Wi-Fi for Sharing files between your any of your two devices ( like your Computer, Tab, or mobile Phone), it will take save your valuable time depending upon the file size.we already know that KGB achiever is a tool which is used to convert the large files into small files without any errors.

I am one of the examples even I take a chance to install this KBG achiever tool and after installing I get an idea about the usage of the tool it plays a major part of the technology.And here come some of the examples where we are familiar with the advantages of the tool and disadvantages and we already know that every software’s has advantages and disadvantages and we need to know the information about the software which we are using.

Here the tool KGB achieve is a tool which makes your files into smaller and we can compress the files into smaller and may save your memory my sincere advice is to use and may reduce your disc space efficiently without any problems, I think this a cool  and efficient tool which will reduce your disc space, and the files are safe.and we can easily back up the data required.

KGB Archiver Highly Compress 1GB into 10MB Files

KGB  is a compression tool of high compression rate and it is very powerful tool and it is easily accessible and the usage is  completely freely and this achiever  converts the files of zipping into extracted  and vice versa  and in  this  we get good results among all the countries and this tool can be used in old PC’s as well as new PC’s. And it is used to encrypt the achiever and we already know that it is a strongest of all the other tools.

Here by using this KBG achiever, we can make the files of size 1 GB into 10 MB file, you don’t trust this tool like me then after knowing the advantages I realize and try for this I am amazed that the is reducing the GB’s  into MB’s.And be careful while installing and converting if not your files may be at risk we can download the link below.and the tool is not of high  and it is just 3.70 MB and we easily download by the following  link


after download, we need to take the following the steps and read the steps while you perform. dont  worry about the installation process I am there to help you and after installing we get a pop up window if not go to start and search for the KGB achiever and open the file and we get a pop-up window and in the menu we have to choose the file to be compressed and then type of compression level you need ,the compression level may decrease the size of the file and may advise is to the high compression level. after that go for compress button and wait for few minutes.

The time is mainly depend on the level of compression and the performance of our PC like maximum ,normal,low,very weak and after completion we get the compressed file and in this way we can easily convert the files and compress the files easily by using the KBG archive so I think that u get the usage and advantages and disadvantages of the tool so please be careful and enjoy by this KGB archiver  thanks for being patience

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