How many points does a zero bring your grade down?

9 points

What happens if you submit an essay under the word count?

If you write significantly less than the word count there is a risk that your work will not adequately address the assignment or the learning outcomes. Your work will be assessed on its academic merits and this will be reflected in the mark awarded and the feedback on the piece of work.

How much will a 0 affect my grade if I have a 70?

If you get a zero on an assignment worth 30% of your total grade, then the maximum grade you can get becomes a 70%. That means that a perfect score on every other assignment, exam, quiz, etc. would only net you a 70% or a C- grade.

What happens if you don’t submit an assignment at uni?

If you just don’t turn it in the said assignment on the day it is due you will either get a zero for the assignment or a penalty usually the former (again refer to your syllabus).

What happens if you don’t finish your PhD?

Originally Answered: What happens if you could not complete your PhD? Nothing happens. You move out with a MS degree and find a new job on your own, if you consider doing PhD research as a job.

Does your dissertation have to be about your course?

Consider the areas of your degree that you are interested in and yet have not covered in great depth. Or think about how your degree subject could progress in the next few years. The topic of your dissertation should show off the skills you have acquired while studying as well as take into account your future career.

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