How many calories are in a Double Down NZ?

A single Original Recipe Double Down – which comprises two strips of bacon, cheese and “the Colonel’s special sauce” encased in two chicken fillets – has 604 calories, 12.6 grams of carbohydrates, 57.6g of protein and a total of 34.4g of total fat – 11.9g of which is saturated fat.

How unhealthy is the Double Down?

The Double Down contains 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, 150 milligrams of cholesterol and 1,380 milligrams of sodium. It’s certainly no health food.

How many calories are in a large fry from KFC?

1350 calories
There are 1350 calories in Large French Fries from KFC. Most of those calories come from fat (42%) and carbohydrates (53%).

How many calories are in a KFC burger?

There are 475 calories in 1 burger of KFC Fillet Burger.

What is the healthiest sandwich in the world?

Turkey Sandwich comes in at #1 for the most healthy. Turkey contains less fat than most other meats and is rich in protein and potassium, needed for strong muscles.

How many calories are in a KFC Double Down?

For starters, the Double Down has nearly 90% of your daily recommended sodium and over 100% of your daily recommended protein intake. When you look at the fat content,, the picture doesn’t any rosier. The Double Down contains a staggering 37 grams of fat, 11 of which are saturated fat. All of that fat also yields a massive 330 calories from fat.

How many calories are in Kentucky Fried chicken Double Down filet?

Below are the nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for Double Down with Original Recipe Filet from Kentucky Fried Chicken . There are 610 calories in a Double Down with Original Recipe Filet from KFC. Most of those calories come from protein (34%) and fat (54%).

What’s the sauce on KFC’s Double Down?

The Zinger Supercharged Double Down comes with double zinger fillets, double supercharged spicy sauce, double cheese, and bacon and crispy onions while the Bacon Lovers comes with Baconnaise sauce on original recipe fillets. Since the news broke of its return early this week, Kiwis have lost their minds! Advertise with NZME.

How many calories are in KFC Original Recipe Chicken?

There are 216 calories in 1 serving of KFC Original Recipe Chicken. Calorie Breakdown: 59% fat, 8% carbs, 33% prot.

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