How is Bhrigu Bindu point calculated?

The mathematical way to calculate Bhrigu Bindu is to take the longitude of Moon and add it with the longitude of Rahu and divide them by two, and the remaining number would be the degree point. For example – Moon at 22 Leo 47 (142’47) and Rahu at 22 Aries 52 (22’52). The sum is 165’39.

What is BP in Vedic astrology?

#BhriguBindu point (your destiny point) Mid-point from NorthNode Rahu to Moon indicates what is pending part of your destiny which will be experienced. Theme of life. This point is indicated in the Vedic astrology reports you receive from me as “BP” in your charts on 3rd page.

Where is my Bhrigu Bindu?

Now, count 65 degrees from Rahu’s position. Rahu is at 10 degrees Aries in 1st house. So, 20 degrees of Aries/1st house + 30 degrees of Taurus/2nd house + 15 degrees of Gemini/3rd house will make 65 degrees from Rahu. Hence, we will arrive at 3rd house/Gemini as Bhrigu Bindu.

What is destiny point in astrology?

The assumption that this concept is based on the positioning of Rahu in the natal chart, making it the destiny point on your chart. This is what will help you navigate p. It is a special point in the horoscope that can be a part of any house in the natal chart. It is the midpoint between the Rahu and the Moon.

What is BB in Jagannatha Hora?

In short, it means in whichever house BB is falling in your chart, your destiny can revolve around things related to that house. Finding BB – If you have Jagannath Hora Software or if you download it then you can find BB written in a particular house of any chart.

What is Bindu in astrology?

Bhrigu Bindu or Destiny point in Astrology :- The word “Bhrigu” came from the name of Rishi Bhrigu & “Bindu” represents point. It is the degree midpoint of the Rahu and Moon Axis, and is a very important point in delineation. The Bhrigu Bindu or BB is mentioned in the Chandra Kala Nadi, as well as Brighu Nadi.

Which planet is responsible for high BP?

As per the principles of Vedic astrology the planets Moon and Mars are the main significators of blood pressure related ailments. In some birth charts it is observed that highly afflicted Jupiter having associations with the Moon causes hypertension.

How do you calculate Yogi points in astrology?

This total count of Sun’s longitude + Moon’s longitude + 93.20 degree is known as Yogi Point….

  1. Again, count the longitude degree of Sun from Aries 0 degrees.
  2. Add both numbers – 293 + 44 = 337 degree.

How do you find your pending karma in astrology?

Pending Karma or Prarabdha can be seen from many ways. It can be seen from Rashis or Signs and it can also be seen from the Nakshatras. Primarily, we need to check the 6th House and the position of that planet in the 6th House, the 6th Lord to see the pending Karma.

What is Ashtakavarga table?

The Ashtakvarga table has several rows and columns. The top row is the Signs from 1-Aries to 12-Pisces. The first right column is the Ascendant degree and the 7 planets. ‘The Eight divisions’. Rahu-Ketu are not used in this table, instead the Ascendant degree/ Lagna is considered as a full-fledged ‘planet’ by itself.

Which is the correct way to calculate Bhrigu Bindu?

The mathematical way to calculate Bhrigu Bindu is to take the longitude of Moon and add it with the longitude of Rahu and divide them by two, and the remaining number would be the degree point.

What does Bhrigu Bindu mean in dusthana houses?

Bhrigu bindu in dusthana houses (6,8,12) indicates Late success with huge amount of efforts in life. B.B in 1st house indicates luck after self efforts. B. B. in 2nd house indicates luck associate with family, wealth, education,singing banking and finance.

Which is House of horoscope shows Bhrigu Bindu as BB?

This software shows Bhrigu Bindu as BB in one of the house of horoscope. So, you need not to calculate it and you can directly try to interpret it. This software also shows BB for Divisional Charts which we can take destiny point where that particular area of life (corresponding to D chart) will revolve.

What happens if Bhrigu Bindu falls in Ketu nakshatra?

If Bhrigu bindu falls in ketu nakshatra (ashwini, magha, moola) person destiny will be less of material oriented and hard work and more of a spiritual oriented like Serving to the humanity, moksha, daan]

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