How do you get free stuff from 711?

7-Eleven has a rewards program called 7Rewards where you can use the 7-Eleven app (available for iOS and Android) to collect points for your purchases and use them to get rewards for free stuff like food, drinks, and more. It’s a great rewards program that’s available at all 7-Eleven locations in the U.S.

How do I register my 711 rewards card?

To activate your card number, just text REG CARDNUMBER/LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME to 09189090711 and wait for a confirmation. Once signed in, just click on the Profile Icon on the upper left corner of the Home screen and click on Cards at the bottom of the page to display a list of all the Reward cards linked to your account.

Do 711 points expire?

How long do my 7REWARDS Points last? Effective July 6th, 2018, when you scan your 7REWARDS app or card, redeem points, or complete an in-store transaction with your 7REWARDS account at least once every 90 days, your points and punches will not expire.

Does 7/11 have a gas rewards program?

Members use fuel promotional savings in the 7-Eleven app or at the pump by selecting 7REWARDS and entering phone number to get 11 cents off every gallon (up to 20 gallons).

How do I check my 7 11 points?

Where can I view my available member rewards? In the 7-Eleven app, click on “My Rewards” at the bottom app menu to see rewards you’ve earned. You can also click on “Deals”, right next to “My Rewards”, to review even more deals and recommended offers.

What is a 7 rewards card?

What is 7REWARDS? 7REWARDS and the 7-Eleven app lets customers enjoy savings on exclusive deals, earn points with every qualifying purchase and redeem those points on member rewards like free snacks and drinks, and also find their nearest store. How does it work?

How do I check my 711 points?

How do I redeem my 711 points?

How do I redeem points for my member rewards? In the 7-Eleven app, choose your reward, tap “redeem”, confirm and the points will be deducted from your points balance. Then, grab your selected item and head to the counter.

How can I get a free Slurpee?

Shoppers who are not yet rewards members can download the 7-Eleven app for free and still redeem the frozen drink coupon until the end of the month. In 2020, 7-Eleven canceled free Slurpees on 7-Eleven Day to reduce the risk of large gatherings.

Is 7 Eleven owned by the Japanese?

7-Eleven is a Japanese-owned American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Irving , Texas. The chain was known as Tote’m Stores until it was renamed in 1946. Its parent company, Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., operates, franchises, and licenses some 64,319 stores in 18 countries as of January 2018.

Does 7 Eleven take American Express cards?

7-Eleven. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express; Other payment types accepted: Cash, Fleet One card, 7-Eleven Gift Card; in-store only payments include Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and debit cards; Find a 7-Eleven; Source: Customer service; Albertsons Express. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

Does 7 Eleven have Citibank ATM?

Citibank, 7-Eleven offer ATM services. Trading Markets: 7-Eleven Inc. and Citibank joined forces to offer free ATM services to Citibank customers in 7-Eleven stores across the United States. Citibank customers can now withdraw money and transfer funds between primary checking and savings accounts without a surcharge or foreign fee at Citibank-branded ATMs at 7-Eleven.

Where can you buy a 7 Eleven gift card?

You can buy a 7-Eleven Gift Card at all 7-Eleven stores in Canada. Or better yet, have a friend or family member buy one for you.

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