How do I want to be remembered?

I believe that kindness can change lives, heal wounds, and most certainly help others. But I want to be remembered not just as someone who is kind, compassionate, and helps others; I want to actually BE someone who is kind, compassionate, and helps others, whether I am remembered for it or not.

How do I want to be remembered as a teacher?

As a teacher what is 1 thing that you want to be remembered for?being caring.challenging them academically.being loving.a love for reading & writing.made learning fun.positive relationships student.and more

How can I contribute to the community?

Six ways to help your communityGet involved as a volunteer. There are lots of volunteering opportunities out there. Support local businesses. Local businesses are an important part of local communities that are always under pressure from bigger national and multi-national competitors. Tidy up. Help your neighbours. Donate things. Donate money.

What role does school play in society?

In summary, schools serve functions in our society beyond transmitting knowledge and academic skills. They include the academic curriculum plus functions like socialization and the transmission of cultural norms and values to new generations.

How do you build relationships in your community?

How do you sustain relationships?Pay attention to people. Check in with people when you need to. Communicate openly. Appreciate each other. Extend yourself. Volunteer to do some work for their organization (if they are not already in yours). Challenge each other to do better. Back each other when things get tough.

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