How do I complete the Coalition application?

How to Fill out the Coalition ApplicationFill out your basic biographical information in your profile.Request official documents through the application.Add in your extracurricular activities to your profile.With a 100% complete profile, tackle school-specific application parts.Attach your school-specific essays.

What schools use the coalition app?

More than 135 schools use the Coalition Application, including colleges in 34 states and Washington, DC….Who Uses the Coalition Application?School NameStateRutgers UniversityNewarkNJSt. Mary’s UniversityTXTexas A&M UniversityTXTexas State UniversityTX8 •

How many colleges is too many to apply?

But when it comes to making smart application choices, even 20 colleges is too many to apply to. So what’s the magic number? It varies for each student (which is why it’s important to have a good college counselor!), but at IvyWise we advise students to apply to a maximum of 12-15 best-fit colleges.

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