Are there any sideways Latin-only emoticons in Wikipedia?

Sideways Latin-only emoticons Icon Icon Icon Icon Emoji :‑) 🙂 :-] :] :-3 :3 =) ☺️🙂😊😀😁 :‑D 😀 8‑D 8D x‑D xD 😃😄😆😍 :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :‑ ( : ( :‑c :c :‑< :< ; ( ☹️🙁😠😡😞😟😣😖

Which is the best definition of an emoticon?

An emoticon ( / ɪˈmoʊtɪkɒn /, ə-MOH-tə-kon, rarely pronounced / ɪˈmɒtɪkɒn / ), short for “emotion icon”, also known simply as an emote, is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters —usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters—to express a person’s feelings, mood or reaction, or as a time-saving method.

Is there an emoticon for a sad face?

Emoticons for a smiley face 🙂 and sad face :- ( appear in the first documented use in digital form. Certain complex character combinations can only be accomplished in non-Latin scripts, giving rise to especially complex forms, sometimes known by their romanized Japanese name of kaomoji .

What is the meaning of the Lenny face emoticon?

The “Lenny Face”, named and popularized on 4chan. Used mostly to suggest mischief, imply sexual innuendo or a second hidden meaning behind a sentence, or is pasted over and over to spam online discussions. Eastern emoticons generally are not rotated sideways, and may include non-Latin characters to allow for additional complexity.

Where do you find list of emoticons on Wikipedia?

These emoticons first arose in Japan, where they are referred to as kaomoji (literally “face characters”). (..)(._.) (・・?(?_?) \ (~o~)/\ (^o^)/ \ (-o-)/ ヽ (^。 ^)ノヽ (^o^)丿 (*^0^*) (*_*)(*_*; (+_+) (@_@)(@_@。 (@_@;) \ (◎o◎)/! ! (^^)! ( ..)φφ (..) .o○○o. Despair.

What are the different types of emoticons and what are they called?

Originally, these icons consisted of ASCII art, and later, Shift JIS art and Unicode art. In recent times, graphical icons, both static and animated, have joined the traditional text-based emoticons; these are commonly known as emoji. Emoticons can generally be divided into three groups: Western (mainly from America and Europe)

How are emoticons written in the Western style?

Western style emoticons are mostly written from left to right as though the head is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

What kind of emotions does a sociopath feel?

Therefore, they feel a corrupted form of pleasure, and they can find things humorous in a brief, shallow sort of way. But they are unable to feel pure joy, because they are unable to feel real emotional pain.

What does the word emoticon mean in English?

The English words “emotion” and “icon” form the term emoticon. Short strings of symbols, letters or numbers are intended to represent facial expressions and postures. Emoticons can liven up the text and convey moods or emotional states.

What’s the difference between East and West emoticons?

The most common explanation for these different styles is that in the East, the eyes play the primary role in facial expressions, while in the West, the whole face tends to be used. Western style emoticons are mostly written from left to right as though the head is rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

When to use an equal sign for an emoticon?

The ‘ shrug ‘ emoticon, ¯_ (ツ)_/¯, uses the glyph ツ from the Japanese katakana writing system. An equal sign is often used for the eyes in place of the colon, seen as =), without changing the meaning of the emoticon. In these instances, the hyphen is almost always either omitted or, occasionally, replaced with an “o” as in =O).

What is the Japanese name for an emoticon?

Users from Japan popularized a kind of emoticon called kaomoji (顔文字; lit. 顔(kao)=face, 文字(moji)=character(s)), utilizing the Katakana character set, that can be understood without tilting one’s head to the left.

Why do I see red dots instead of emojis?

Some of emojis support variants for diffrent skin colors. You can set skin color with this option. 😫 Why I see “Red Dots” instead of emojis somewhere? This means that that perticular emoji is not supported in selected platform. You’ll be able to copy it but it might not be visible when pasted on selected platform

What does Il significato delle emoji mean on YouTube?

Il significato delle Emoji. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

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Where does the word emoticon come from in English?

The word is a portmanteau word of the English words “emotion” and “icon”. In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called “emoticons” as well.

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