Are there any Sears left in Houston?

HOUSTON – The Houston area will no longer have a Sears location after this weekend. This comes after Sears announced a wave of store closures last year due to bankruptcy. By the start of 2021, fewer than 100 Sears and KMart stores remain in the U.S., Forbes reported.

Who owns Baybrook Mall?

Brookfield Properties
Baybrook Mall/Owners

When did Baybrook Mall open?

Baybrook Mall/Opened
Early years Forever 21 Baybrook Mall was first conceived in 1973 as a regional mall serving the growing Clear Lake Area and became reality when construction of the mall completed in 1978.

How old is Baybrook Mall?

43c. 1978
Baybrook Mall/Age

How many square feet is Baybrook Mall?

1,498,786 sq ft
1,498,786 sq ft (139,241.8 m2). Baybrook Mall is a shopping mall located near the Clear Lake City area in Houston, Texas; It has a Friendswood mailing address, but it is in the Houston city limits.

What time does Deerbrook close?

Restaurant and department store hours may vary. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sunday Noon-6:00 PM. Deerbrook Mall operates EXTENDED opening hours on Black Friday and REDUCED hours on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

Is Sears totally out of business?

In October 2018, one Sears holding company (with a multitude of subsidiaries) went into bankruptcy. Out came a new Sears, Transformco, with the last remaining stores of a one-time retail empire. The old Sears, Sears Holdings, remains a corporate shadow, like a tortured doppelganger, stuck in bankruptcy ever since.

Is there a Sears store in Baybrook Mall?

Brookfield declined to comment on its plans for the malls, but said it has a long history of redeveloping retail. Baybrook Mall, which lost its Sears in 2018, added a 285,000-square-foot lifestyle center with more than 30 new retailers and restaurants surrounding a large green space.

Are there any Sears stores closing in Texas?

The closures would join Sears locations that have shuttered in Midtown, Memorial City Mall, West Oaks Mall, Central Mall in Porter, San Jacinto Mall in Baytown, Mall of the Mainland in Texas City and Parkdale Mall in Beaumont in recent years.

Who is the owner of Sears in Houston?

Brookfield Properties, the Chicago-based owner of the two malls, declined to comment because it does not own the Sears real estate. Jason Baker, a retail broker with Houston-based Baker Katz, who is not involved with the properties, said the closures would not surprise him.

What to do at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood TX?

Bring your friends and family to explore famous brands and the world’s best retailers. Dine in the vibrant and exciting environment of one of the full-service options including restaurants with outdoor seating, then head over to shop at our stores filled with today’s hottest items.

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