Are Old Kentucky Derby glasses worth anything?

The next two years a true julep glass was produced for general distribution and these are the most valuable of the set ranging from $6,000 to $16,000 in value depending on the condition and variation. There are not many of these glasses in existence so finding them (much less affording them) is a tough task.

What is the most expensive Kentucky Derby glass?

One of the Most Valuable Official Kentucky Mint Julep Glass is the 1942 – 44 Bakelite with Prices Ranging up to $3,000 Each.

When did they start making Kentucky Derby glasses?

Initially introduced as water glasses on the dining tables at Churchill Downs in the 1930s, people took them home as souvenirs of their day at the races. Over time, new glasses were introduced to satisfy the need and now include the names of each of the Kentucky Derby winners since 1875.

Who was the slowest Derby winner?

Kingman (1888–1893) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse owned by Kinzea Stone of Georgetown, Kentucky and the winner of the 1891 Kentucky Derby, Phoenix Stakes and Latonia Derby. He holds the record for the slowest winning time ever recorded at a Kentucky Derby, at 2:521⁄4.

What is the rarest Kentucky Derby glass?

1939 was the first year Churchill Downs released an official Derby glass, but it’s the 1940 offering that’s considered the rarest. “When you first start the glasses they were only sold on track so you have less produced,” Chris Goodlett explained.

What is overlay horse racing?

As post time nears, if only one contender has odds equal to or higher than its acceptable odds (an overlay), then a wager on the horse to win is called for. If there are two overlays in a given race, a wager on both horses to win is indicated.

Is mint julep a girly drink?

But you don’t want to miss out on the classic Kentucky Derby drink, the mint julep. Yes, it’s a mixed drink—but it’s not a girly one. The track’s signature drink is built on bourbon whiskey, giving it a creamy, caramel-like flavor, with a punch of spicy oak that’s sharpened by the fresh mint.

How many glasses were used in the Kentucky Derby?

16 Kentucky derby glasses 1981-1998. Never been used ! Set of 47 Kentucky Derby Glasses 1974 through 2020. Mint Condition 1973 KENTUCKY DERBY Churchill Downs Un-official Glass SECRETARIAT WINS!

Who was the original winner of the Epsom Derby?

1844: The original winner Running Rein was disqualified as he was actually an ineligible four-year-old horse named Maccabeus. 1881: Iroquois became the first American-bred to win a leg of the British triple crown. 1884: The race finished with a dead-heat between Harvester and St. Gatien.

Who was the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1957?

Overstock from the fair-weather 1957 issue, restamped with that year’s winner, Iron Liege, were sold in the infield. The initial run of glasses for Derby 129, which totaled 100,440, were produced with a mistake in the historical information printed on the glass.

When did the first horse racing glass come out?

The first year issued was 1976, yet it remains one of the least expensive of the group. The second glass in 1977 had a very low distribution so is difficult to find and commands a very high price ($600+).

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