Why does my phone say December 31 1969?

When your digital device or software/web application is showing you December 31, 1969, this suggests that most likely there’s a bug someone and the Unix epoch date is being displayed.

What was the number 1 song on December 31 1969?

Someday We’ll Be Together.

Who died December 31st 1969?

Died: Spencer Williams, 76, African-American actor and film director, known for portraying Andy Brown on the TV adaptation of the radio series The Amos ‘n Andy Show. Swami Ashokananda, 76, Indian-born American Hindu spiritualist and promoter of the Vedanta philosophy in California.

What day was New Year’s Eve 1969?

Calendar for Year 1969 (United States)

Jan 1 New Year’s Day
Dec 17 Wright Brothers Day
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Christmas Day
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve

Why do I get emails dated 12/31 69?

January 1, 1970 represents 0 in UNIX time – the way that computers often understand times and dates. With the issue causing emails to show up with timestamps of midnight GMT on January 1, 1970, users in the Western Hemisphere see dates of December 31, 1969 on their ghost emails due to timezone offsets.

What happened December 31st 1999?

Find out what happened on December 31 in this video of This Day in History. Most importantly, in 1999 the United States gave control over the Panama Canal to Panama. The construction of the canal cost the United States $350 million and 30,000 lives.

Who died in December 1969?

Dec 3 Ruth White, American actress (To Kill a Mockingbird, Up the Down Staircase), dies of cancer at 55.

  • Dec 3 Mathias Wieman, German actor (The Blue Light, Fear), dies at 67.
  • Dec 4 Alceo Toni, Italian composer, dies at 85.
  • Dec 4 Fred Hampton, US Black-Panther leader, murdered.
  • What date was Easter Sunday in 1969?

    Catholic Easter Sunday in 1969 was on Sunday, April 6th.

    What day was Mother’s Day on in 1969?

    May 11, 1969
    Now, Therefore, I, Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America, do hereby request that Sunday, May 11, 1969, be observed as Mother’s Day; and I direct the appropriate officials of the Government to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on that day.

    Why do I have a missed call from 1969?

    It’s because you live in the Western Hemisphere. When it’s midnight in Greenwich, England, it’s still December 31st in America, where users will see December 31, 1969—the day before Unix’s epoch.

    When was the peak of Winstar Home Video?

    At its peak in 2000, less than a year before its collapse, the company had a market capitalization in excess of $4.4 billion and revenues of $445.6 million for the year ended December 31, 1999. Winstar also bought Fox Lorber Home Video from New Video in the mid-1990s. In 2001, Genius Products bought out Fox Lorber after Winstar was shuttered.

    What was the market capitalization of Winstar Communications?

    Winstar was a notable example of the internet and telecom bubbles of the late 1990s. At its peak in 2000, less than a year before its collapse, the company had a market capitalization in excess of $4.4 billion and revenues of $445.6 million for the year ended December 31, 1999.

    Who are some famous people that played at WinStar Casino?

    From posh and intimate settings like The Rotunda Bar and the massive Global Event Center, you’ll find something for every taste. As the World’s Biggest Casino, WinStar has played host to some of the world’s biggest names: Bob Dylan, Jerry Seinfeld, Reba McEntire, Sting and Maroon 5, just to name a few.

    Why does my clock say it is December 31, 1969?

    Time measurement units are counted from the epoch so that the date and time of events can be specified without question. If a time stamp is somehow reset to 0, the clock will display January 1, 1970. So where does December 31 fit in?

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